Utlysning: Fritt Ords monitorprosjekt om status for ytringsfriheten i Norge 2020–2021

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Wars do not end when the battles subside, but rather live on for the parties involved, in their collective memories and in their literature. War and war events provide input for history writing, debates and fiction.

Fritt Ord hereby invites applications for grants of NOK 60 000 for library-related communications activities and debate based on Norwegian and foreign prose, fiction and comic strips about war.

The Fritt Ord Foundation is allocating up to MNOK 25 annually for four years for journalistic projects. The MNOK 100 initiative is entitled Norwegian Journalism.

The call for applications has six deadlines for applications during the year. The next deadline is 10 May 2019, at 3 p.m. Applications should be submitted to the Fritt Ord Foundation's application centre.

The Norwegian Journal of Photography will be the focal point of the autumn's premier photography exhibition at the Henie Onstad Art Centre. 23 August 2019 will mark the opening of the exhibition "Norwegian Documentary Photography", featuring works by all the photographers who have taken part in the four volumes of NJP.

Freedom of expression, current events and photography in the interface between art and documentary will be the focal points of the autumn's exhibition at the Henie Onstad Art Centre.

The Fritt Ord Foundation has now awarded their annual grants to critics. At NOK 200 000 each, the grants should result in a steady stream of reviews during the period from August 2018 to August 2019. The grant scheme was established in 2015, and 11 grants are being awarded this year.

Of the 44 applications recieved, grants were awarded to the following individuals: Line Ulekleiv (pictoral arts, Klassekampen), Sindre Hovdenakk (literature, VG), Eivind Myklebust (literature, Klassekampen), Katrine Judit Urke (literature, Dag og Tid), Anki Gerhardsen (pictoral and dramatic arts, Nordlys), Gro Jørstad Nilsen (literature, Bergens Tidende), Benjamin Yazdan (literature and film, Klassekampen), Torgeir Thon (literature, Fædrelandsvennen og Natt & Dag), Bjarne Riiser Gundersen (literature, Morgenbladet), Arve Rød (pictoral arts, Dagbladet) og Morten Ståle Nilsen (popular culture, VG).

The Fritt Ord Foundation's project "Islam in Norway" invites the public to a debate meeting about conspiracy theories, including both those about Muslims and those that exist in parts of the Muslim population. The meeting will be held at the House of Literature on Wergelandsveien 29 in Oslo, from 6 - 7 p.m. on Thursday, 13 June 2019.

When are conspiracy theories dangerous, and who has an interest in propagating them? Conspiracy theories can serve to undermine our trust in one another. What mechanisms help spread and exacerbate conspiracy theories? What conspiracy theories have gained a ground and spread through Muslim communities, and what are they about? How prevalent are thoughts of conspiracy among the general public otherwise?

Svikter tilliten til mediene? Lansering av Reuters Digital News Report 2019

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Four winners have been named in the Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for Upper Secondary School, and four entries won diplomas for honourable mention.

The Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for upper secondary school is an annual competition that invites pupils to submit entries about freedom of expression and democracy. This year's theme was "Drawing as a form of expression", and the deadline for submission was 1 March 2019. No fewer than 240 entries in a variety of genres were submitted by the deadline: texts, drawings and comic strips, photographs, animated films, documentaries and digital media productions.

Undersøkelse om mediefrilansernes vilkår

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The call for applications on the participation in the 7th season of Perspektivy's cross-border journalism programme is now open. You are welcome to apply for the programme until 12 June 2019, by filling out the online application form.

During it's five years the cross-border journalism programme has provided Russian-speaking journalists from Baltic states, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia, and Ukraine with opportunities to implement international projects, strengthen their regional expertise beyond their local agenda, gain experience in working with colleagues from other countries - as well as high profile editors experienced in global media.

Fritt Ords Pris 2019 tildelt Natur og Ungdom og Greta Thunberg

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​The Fritt Ord Foundation announces a call for applications for 10 annual grants of NOK 200 000 each for critics who write for Norwegian daily or weekly newspapers, or who write reviews for TV/radio.

The grants can be awarded to critics who work in any field related to art or culture. The grants are intended to result in the production of concrete, ongoing reviews throughout the year; the goal is to help improve the quality and professionalisation of a number of Norwegian critics each year. The Fritt Ord Foundation would like to give more critics better opportunities to pursue their profession and to spend more time cultivating it.