Freedom of Expression Foundation Tribute awarded to Simon Malkenes

Prize laureate Simon Malkenes. Photo: Fritt Ord
​On Friday, 1 June, the Freedom of Expression Foundation Tribute was awarded to Simon Malkenes for his critical focus on the lack of freedom of expression culture in the Oslo school system.

This spring, by pointing out the adverse consequences of free school selection and funding schemes, Malkenes helped show how difficult it is to express opinions freely and to criticise problematic aspects of school policies and school administration.

"For a long time, Malkenes has stood out as one of the clearest voices in the debate about development trends in the school system,  in debates where he has sometimes been very alone, also against very strong resistance extending all the way up to the level of cabinet minister,  but in which he has consistently spoken on behalf of many", said Anine Kierulf, member of the Board of Fritt Ord, in her speech to the prize laureate.

Prize laureate Simon Malkenes. and Anine Kierulf, member of the Board of Fritt Ord. Photo: Fritt Ord
The culture of freedom of expression in the public sector is a key issue for the Fritt Ord Foundation. Without a good understanding of the public space and practice in this context, society will lose important, incisive voices. Simon Malkenes’ efforts represent a strong contribution to raising the level of the discussion on this challenge to society.

  • Anine Kierulf's speech to the prize laureate is available here (pdf).
  • Simon Malkenes' speech is available here(pdf).
  • The full text of the grounds from the Fritt Ord Foundation's Board, published 14 May 2018, is available  here

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