The Fritt Ord Foundation's Oxford Fellowship for 2020 is awarded to Shazia Majid

The Fritt Ord Foundation's journalism fellowship to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford for 2020 is awarded to Shazia Majid, journalist and former commentator at VG.


Majid (b. 1974) has worked at the newspaper for 10 years and is currently employed as an investigative journalist. She is a double SKUP Diploma winner. Out of the shadows, her first book of prose, was published earlier this year to rave reviews.

During her stay at the Reuters Institute, Majid will delve more deeply into the question "who are the ethnic minority women in the news?". She plans to examine the coverage of minority women in news items in VG and Aftenposten during two specific periods of time in 2018. Key questions will include: Do Norwegian media give space to a particular type of minority women, thus contributing to a stereotypical image of the women? Who are the minority women that get coverage? Demographic data, the number of headlines and the use of pictures will be relevant factors. 

The fellowship to study at Oxford is for the period from January to July 2020. 

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