Long Term Projects – Library

MNOK 2.3 for youth related projects in the libraries

Press Release, Tuesday, 11 August 2015

This spring, the Fritt Ord Foundation invited applications for grants of NOK 50 000 each for literature programmes aimed at young people at public libraries. The Foundation received approx. 116 applications, and it has been decided to award funding to 48 applicants. A total of MNOK 2.28 will be divided among libraries all across the country. 

The Fritt Ord Foundation has given priority to projects that are innovative, and has tried to select projects that represent the full range of communications activities. The successful projects promote literature through encounters with writers, writing courses, reading groups and comic book workshops. Promotional activities will take place through debates, writers' tours, school visits and festivals.

This invitation from the Fritt Ord Foundation is intended to encourage the innovative promotion of literature, and to strengthen public libraries as arenas for communication. The projects will be carried out in autumn 2015 or in 2016.

Examples of projects receiving support:

Lillehammer Library, "Life on the Internet"
Discussion and debate for school classes about young people's lives on the Internet, including the promotion of literature about netiquette and ethics on the Internet. The information project takes its point of departure in the books written by Janne Aasebø Johnsen.
Narvik Library, "From Dystopia to Blog"
Series of meetings during Winter Festival Week in in Narvik, where young people will be invited meet writers of books for young people. The events focus on fantasy literature, blogging and dystopias of the future.
Deichman Library, Main Branch, "Workshop for lyricists"
The workshop for young lyricists between the ages of 13 and 19 will focus on composing lyrics in Norwegian as part of the song-writing process. The participants will receive instruction by professional artists, and the workshop will culminate in concert performances.
Contact: Oskar Kvasnes, Fritt Ord Foundation
Tel: +47 230 14644, mobile: +47 408 53370

List of projects selected to receive support under the Fritt Ord Foundation's Library Programme for 2015
(Unless stated otherwise, the grants are for NOK 50 000 each.)

Alta Library, Shades of Finnmark (NOK 49 000)

Asker Library, What do you think?

Askim Library, "Slamming" with the library doors!

Bergen Public Library, Young People and Picture Books

Andreas Breivik in collaboration with the Deichman Library, Queer reading circle

Bygland Public Library, Literary series for young people

Bø Library, Through Body and Soul

Deichman Library, Majorstuen and Røa, Cut, Clip, Fold, Glue, Sew, Write!

Deichman Library, Lambertseter, Special theme evenings in the library (NOK 40 500)
Deichman Library, Main Branch, Workshop for lyricists

Deichman Library, Oppsal, Talents with felt-tipped pens at Oppsal (NOK 28 000)

Etne Library, Broad-minded >< Myopic (NOK 22 900)

Flekkefjord Library, Young people and the library - in a new cultural centre

Gjøvik Library and House of Literature, Pop culture: gaming

Gloppen Public Library, 2xTorkildsen, the hottest New Norse author

Hadeland Literary Forum, Literary programme

Hauger School, Ramstad School and Vøyenenga School, The Joys of Reading and Writing!

Hå Public Library, In seventh heaven – not

Kristiansand Public Library, Lecture

Kvam Library, Read where you want, when you want!

Lillehammer Library, Life on the Internet (NOK 33 000)

Loppa Public Library, Young People and Mental Health

Luster Library, Local history with a view to the world (NOK 35 000)

Meløy Library, Writing course "The Joy of Writing Poetry" for young people

Molde Library, Young People's Literary Festival

Nannestad Library, Author's visit

Narvik Library, From dystopia to blog

Nord-Aurdal Public Library, The Quest for the Snartemo Sword

Nordkapp Library, Author's tour through western Finnmark County

Nord-Trøndelag County Library, Author's tour with Johan B. Mjønes

Porsanger Public Library, Rap and fantasy in Sámi

Porsgrunn Library, The whole person at the library

Rælingen Library, Creative writing for young people

Sandnes Library, The Geek Library

Sel Library, Young People's Parliament 2016 (NOK 21 800)

Sogndal Library, Comic strips. Learning about them and making one's own

Son Library, Reading project for young people

Stanger Library, Finding one's voice, finding one's self

Stord Public Library, Encounter with a different routine

Stormen Library, Bodø, Stormen and the comic strips

Sør-Trøndelag County Library, Poetry Van on tour

Sørum Library, Decibel

Tysvær Public Library, Young Wonder

Vaksdal Public Library, Young People's Author of the Month 2016

Vennesla Library, Meetings with Authors

Vestfold County Library, Writing programme for young people

Voss Library, Literature programme for young people

Østre Toten Public Library, Dialogues