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The Fritt Ord Competition for Youth

The Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for upper secondary school is an annual competition that invites pupils to submit entries about freedom of expression and democracy. A special topic is highlighted each year, and participants' entries can be submitted either in the form of a text or a media production. The Fritt Ord Foundation organises seminars for teachers and offers school visits and supervision for participants.


Censorship on the agenda

The Fritt Ord Foundation's Competition for Upper Secondary Schools is in the process of being launched. The Fritt Ord Foundation hopes to contribute to carving out a stronger position for discussions of freedom of expression and issues of democracy in Norwegian classrooms. What is the status of freedom of expression in schools for students and teachers when it comes to sensitive topics?
"This year's topic is censorship in all its variations, both direct and indirect. The censorship and self-censorship we do not notice and which is the most difficult to see, may possibly be among the most interesting types of censorship to discuss. Some of them are linked to the consequences of threats of terror, others to more or less hidden opportunities that digitisation offers for surveillance, control and limitations on utterances – in addition to the fantastic opportunities it creates", comments Knut Olav Åmås, executive director of the Fritt Ord Foundation.

Fritt Ord Foundation Competition laureate Iver Jensen to the Cannes Film Festival

In 2015, Iver Jensen was one of the winners of the Fritt Ord Foundation competition for upper secondary school. Along with Amalie Berg and Maypia Dahl, two fellow pupils from Hadsel Upper Secondary School, Jensen won second prize for the film "Said and Unsaid".  

Now the 19-year-old will be going to the Cannes Film Festival to screen the short film "We remember moments". The 11-minute short was filmed in Iceland last June, and it addresses topics such as bullying, friendship and moral choices. It was screened earlier as part of the short film programme at TIFF - the Tromsø International Film Festival.  

Studietur til Strasbourg

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Fritt Ord Foundation Competition 2015

The three winners of the Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for upper secondary school pupils were celebrated today, Thursday, 16 April, at the Fritt Ord Foundation's premises. The prizes were awarded by Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen. Speeches were given by Knut Olav Åmås, Executive Director of the Fritt Ord Foundation, Guri Hjeltnes, Trustee of the Fritt Ord Foundation and Henrik G. Bastiansen, Chair of the Prize Committee. 

First prize went to Magnus Bjørnbekk from the Oslo Cathedral School, for the essay "Back to the Roots" (pdf).

Second prize went to Amalie Berg, Maypia Dahl and Iver Jensen from Hadsel Upper Secondary School, Nordland County, for the film "Said and Unsaid".

Third prize went to Miriam Johansen and Fredrik Opseth from Bjerke Upper Secondary School, Oslo, for the film "My hero: Kim Friele". 

First prize is a grant for NOK 20 000, second prize for NOK 15 000 and third prize for NOK 10 000. The prizes also include a trip to Strasbourg, where all the prize laureates will visit the EU Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights. 

Vinner av Fritt Ord-konkurransen Åshild Slåen på trykk i Aftenposten

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