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NJP calls for new photographers

No fewer than 27 photographers have taken part in the Norwegian Journal of Photography since the project was established in 2011. Fritt Ord's efforts have given participants the opportunity to present their work at the national and international levels alike, in addition to offering workshops, seminars and guidance. We are now issuing a call for applications from photographers for two new years of NJP. The deadline is 1 March 2017. 

The first edition of the Norwegian Journal of Photography was published in February 2013, based on the works of 10 photographers. The second edition was published in spring 2015. In a few months, the third NJP book will be published, showing the long-term photo projects of nine photographers over a two-year period.
We are now inviting applications from new photographers for the fourth round of the Norwegian Journal of Photography. The deadline for submitting pictures, a project description and a CV is 1 March 2017.
In 2011, the Norwegian Journal of Photography was established as an arena where independent photographers who work in the interface between traditional press photography on the one hand and art photography on the other, can present the full scope of their projects. NJP offers an environment that provides encouragement and constructive criticism.
NJP brings together and supports selected Norwegian documentary photography projects. Our goal is to reflect and communicate the ever more prominent position of Norwegian photography on the international arena, as well as to improve the documentary photography milieu in Norway. We aspire to create an inspiring forum where Norwegian photographers can show their works internationally, while continuing to produce relevant and exciting visual narratives.
Following a comprehensive selection process, projects will be chosen for the fourth edition of NJP. During the two-year cycle, these photographers will receive editing assistance as well as help to apply for financial support. They will be taking part in seminars and in a master’s course featuring prominent international guest lecturers.
The objective of the NJP has been to create a dynamic, relevant and representative book with Norwegian documentary photography, showcasing the finest visual expressions, combined with powerful storytelling abilities. We encourage photographers to challenge the definition of the concept 'documentary photography', while striving to produce robust, consistent and independent visual narratives.
Applicants to NJP should either already be working on a major photo project, or be well underway with the preparations for a project before applying for NJP. For more details, please see the web page with the criteria for submitting an application.
The Norwegian Journal of Photography has been established in collaboration with the Fritt Ord Foundation.
In general
Submit the idea for your project and 30 photographs that are indicative of your own particular photographic mode of expression. The photographs can be taken either from an already existing independent project or from an earlier project, and they should preferably illustrate your ability to tell a story in pictures or to make a documentary portrayal of a certain theme/milieu. Edit carefully. The editorial board is looking for individuals with a strong aptitude for telling visual stories. A general portfolio of random photos is not desirable.
Set up a main portfolio containing all the material, hereafter referred to as the main portfolio. Designate the name of the main portfolio with your last name and first name, e.g. Olsen Per
The pictures
30 photographs, max. 1500 pixels on the long side. Submit in JPEG quality 8, Adobe RGB. Black/white pictures can be submitted as Grayscale. You must name each individual picture file, so that they are in the sequence in which you want the jury to view the story. Picture captions should be incorporated into the metadata, so that the jury can read them when considering the pictures on screen. If more than 30 pictures are submitted, pictures above number 30 will be deleted and not considered. Save the pictures in the main directory.
The presentation/description of the project (length: max. 600 words), as well as the reason(s) why you would like to participate (minimum 400, max. 600 words), should be put into two separate Word files in the main directory. Remember to specify your contact coordinates: Email, telephone number and address. Label these with your name as well: Olsen_Per_presentation and Olsen_Per_ reasons.
Copy your directory onto a CD, DVD or a jump drive/memory stick that can read by Macs and PCs alike, then post it to the address below. You can also submit your material using the file transfer program WeTransfer, then transmit it by email: espenras@icloud.com.

Supplementary material, such as books and/or newspaper clippings, can also be submitted. Please provide information about the number of attachments and what kind of material is attached in a separate cover letter. If you send your file by post, label the envelope "Norwegian Journal of Photography", and send all the material to:
Fritt Ord, Uranienborgveien 2, 0258 Oslo.
Material must be received by 11.59 p.m. on 1 March 2017. Material sent by post must be postmarked by 1 March 2017 at the latest. In the event of failure to comply with these specifications, the editorial board is free to disqualify the applicant(s). Questions about submission may be addressed to NJP's Editorial Board, attn. Rune Eraker, email: rueraker@online.no, or to the Fritt Ord Foundation, attn. Bente Roalsvig, email: bente.roalsvig@frittord.no

The photographers selected to participate in NJP for the next two years, and who accept the invitation, undertake an obligation to make themselves available on certain dates during the period. This refers to events such as editing meetings, workshops, seminars and reviews. Photographers are also required to publish their finished work in the Norwegian Journal of Photography book and possibly to exhibit photographs/pictures at seminars and lectures.
Participating photographers must also make their photographic works available for publication on NJP's website, NJP's Facebook wall and NJP's Instagram pages. It must also be possible to use the material in connection with publicity about NJP.
Good luck!