About Fritt Ord – Asset Management

Asset management

The Foundation operates on the assumption that a strong capital base is necessary to ensure the financial leeway required to achieve its long-term goals. Accordingly, the Foundation's assets shall be managed in a responsible manner, devoting adequate attention to security as well as to opportunities for obtaining a satisfactory return on investments as set out in the Foundation's objects clause. The goal of comprehensive asset management is to obtain a good return within the parameters stipulated. The general rule is that the Foundation will invest for the long term in asset classes such as shares, interest rates, property and hedges. Over time, the return should be sufficient to maintain the physical assets, while making earmarked grants and covering operations, in addition to building up reserves, if possible.
The Foundation seeks to avoid investments in funds or investment projects that engage in unethical practices or missions, for example, in connection with corruption or serious environmental destruction, or in practices that are at variance with basic humanitarian principles and human rights. Management of the funds is to reflect international conventions such as the UN Global Compact and ILO conventions as well as the OECD's principles for corporate governance. The Foundation shall also appoint respected local and international investment houses which are approved investment firms or firms that manage securities funds (or comparable companies as regards the international markets) and which are subject to public supervision.