Project Support – Lists of Grants

Bevilgninger i juni 2018 (søknader om kr 100 000 eller mindre)

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Grants in June 2018 (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

Jakob Semb Aasmundsen, manuscript development of the book "Free. From self-fulfilment to self-sexualisation", NOK 100 000

Anna & Co, the dance performance "The shoes tell", NOK 100 000

ANNEX, the art project "We are guided by the beauty of our weapons" - town hall meeting and performance, NOK 50 000

Grants in May 2018 (applications for NOK 100 000 or less)

AKKS Trondheim, debates during the Feminal 2018, NOK 15 000

Anno Museum/The Women's Museum, series of events at the Women's Museum in 2018, NOK 60 000

The Anthroposophical Society in Norway, the seminar "How do you know that you are a human being?", NOK 40 000

Grants in April 2018 (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

Rita Abrahamsen, manuscript development of the play "The Jews in Tromsø", NOK 75 000

Agenda Res Publica Media, "Feminist reading list" - series of events, podcasts and text production, NOK 60 000

Akershus Art Centre, information project connected to the exhibition "Brave New World?", NOK 60 000

Grants in March 2018 (applications for NOK 100 000 or less)

Akershus Art Centre, promotional activities in connection with the exhibition "SUB", NOK 40 000

Anders Bortne, manuscript development for the book publication "Sleepless - the Art of Staying Awake", NOK 50 000

Bærum Passion Play, theatre performance of "Brambani", NOK 50 000

Grants in March 2018 (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU Privacy and Human Rights Initiative, NOK 250 000

The Labour Movement's archives and library, the digitisation project "Individual and Authoritarian Regime", NOK 150 000

Aschehoug Publishing House, anthology of texts by asylum writers in Norway, NOK 125 000