Project Support – Lists of Grants

Grants in December 2018 (applications for NOK 100 000 or less)

Agder Theatre, theatre project "White Heart", NOK 30 000

Akershus Art Centre, the exhibition "Truth is Flexible", NOK 50 000

Amnesty Law Oslo, Human Rights Week 2019, NOK 10 000

Second Act, stage play about Rosa Luxemburg, NOK 40 000

Sindre Bangstad, open meetings on ‘Trumplandia’ with Professor Carolyn M. Rouse, NOK 30 000

Bergen International Film Festival, Cine Latino Festival 2019, NOK 75 000

Bergen Art Centre, Platform, spring 2019, NOK 50 000

Bergen Public Library, series of events "Women at War", NOK 25 000

LiB Book Salon, Poetry Salon, NOK 30 000

Buskerud County Art Centre, "Kunstgeist" - lectures and talks with artists, NOK 15 000

Cappelen Damm Akademisk, publication of the book "Hartvig Nissen – Grundtvigian, Scandinavian, educator" by Merethe Roos, NOK 20 000

The Ukrainian Association in Norway, seminar "Famine in Ukraine and Norwegian Aid", NOK 15 000

Det Norske Samlaget Publishing House, publication of the book "The language is a pair of trousers" by Kristin Fridtun, NOK 25 000

Differ Media, development of the documentary film "With Grace", NOK 50 000

Shwan Dler Qaradaki, exhibition "The Golden Wish", NOK 40 000

Dreyers Publishing House, publication of a book about the identity policy of Francis Fukuyama, NOK 20 000

Dreyers Publishing House, publication of the book "The sealed orders" by Kaj Skagen, NOK 30 000

European Journalism ARENA, the project "Norwegian ’Insight’ into Europe" during the EUC Conference & DataHarvest, NOK 30 000

Folk Film, development of the animated short film documentary "Joint Way Forward", NOK 50 000

The Good Criticism Association, Reviewing Children's Books, series of debates 2019, NOK 30 000

Gunnar Grytås, manuscript development of the book "Wrecks lost in wartime along the Norwegian coast 1940-1945", NOK 50 000

Heming H. Gujord, the seminar "Kjartan Fløgstad - the absess from the Liberal Party for 50 years", NOK 25 000

Marie Hafnor, theatre production "Never AFK", NOK 50 000

Christopher Hals Gylseth, manuscript development of the book "The Linge Company and their efforts", NOK 60 000

Frank Havrøy, theatre production "GIVE ME THE PURE AND THE STEADFAST", NOK 30 000

Humanist Publishing House, publication of the book "Mother in Balance. Work and Family Life for Women" by Thea Storøy Elnan and Silje Bringsrud Fekjær, NOK 20 000

Ibrahim Fazlic Productions, theatre project "A Muslim NiggerJoik in Swedish in Norway", NOK 50 000

Inklusive Books Mpike Enterprises, the seminar "Are the kids' books alright?", NOK 20 000

Department of Economic History and Social Sciences, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norwegian History Week 2019, NOK 50 000

Ecclesiastical Cultural Workshop, Sulphur and Brimstone Sermons, spring 2019, NOK 40 000

Grete Andrea Kvaal, exhibition "I know all my reindeer", NOK 40 000

Heidi Sofie Kvanvig, "Why war?" development of a non-fiction book for children and young people, NOK 50 000

Irene Levin, manuscript development of the book "My birthmark", NOK 70 000

Arild Linneberg, series of events, Heretica, NOK 20 000

Literature at Blå (Literary Scene Oslo), Literature at Blå, spring programme 2019, NOK 40 000

Minimalen Short Film Festival, film screening programme "Thailand Now", NOK 20 000

Mot Dag AS, MotDag Conference 2019, NOK 40 000

Odd Myklebust, manuscript development of the book "Ahlert Horn's Diary", NOK 50 000

NOAS, Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers, seminar on Norway's reception of asylum seekers through Storskog, NOK 40 000

Norwegian Film Critics, Film critics' seminar at TIFF, NOK 20 000

Norwegian Authors' Centre, Literati 2019, NOK 40 000

Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, travelling exhibition "In bed with the enemy?", NOK 30 000

Notodden Library, series of lectures "Tracing our literary legacy", NOK 50 000

Orkana Publishing House, Norwegian publication of the book "Kven life along the Arctic Ocean" by Samuli Paulaharjus, NOK 75 000

Orkana Publishing House, publication of texts by Lars Hætta and Anders Bær (the oldest original literature in North Sámi), NOK 30 000

Gustav Jørgen Pedersen, seminar on Heidegger and the black pamphlets, NOK 10 000

PRIO, full-day seminar "The Camp David Accord – 40 Years Later", NOK 30 000

Psychology Days, Psychology Days 2019, NOK 15 000

Iffit Qureshi, the exhibition "My dream – a common future?", NOK 15 000

Helge Renå, manuscript development of a book on 22 July 2011, NOK 90 000

Karl Ingar Røys, the art project "Loud Silence", NOK 20 000

Sant & Usant, Norwegian launch of the film "The Trial of Ratko Mladic", NOK 30 000

Aina Skoland, publication of the book Dikemark "A Chapter in the History of Psychiatry", NOK 20 000

Ingeborg Solbrekken, manuscript development of the play "A fable about unpredictability", NOK 50 000

Jo Straube, translation of text excerpts from: "The Norwegian library" in connection with the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair, NOK 20 000

The Student Union in Bergen, Student Union in Bergen's Centennial Week, NOK 25 000

Studio Regin, development of documentary film "After the Crossing", NOK 75 000

Elin Tinholt, manuscript development for the listening theatre project "Poor People", NOK 40 000

Anders Totland, manuscript development of the book "The Outcasts", NOK 40 000

TrAP (Transcultural Arts Production), series of events "It is hard to be an Arab", NOK 35 000

Maria Tryti Vennerød, manuscript development of the play "Blood on the hands", NOK 50 000

Vigmostad & Bjørke, publication of the book "What happened with Aleksej?" by Kristin Botnmark, NOK 20 000

Folk Song & Poetry Festival in Haugesund, Folk Song & Poetry Festival in Haugesund 2019, NOK 40 000

Voksenåsen - Centre for Swedish-Norwegian collaboration, series of events "History, truth and politics: Nordic History Labs", NOK 40 000

Spring Frolic Festival, Spring Frolic Festival 2019, NOK 30 000

Stig Marlon Weston, communication initiative "Art+Science=TRUE", NOK 10 000

Norwegian Journalism December 2018 (applications for NOK 100 000 or less)

Norunn Askeland, Norwegian Journalism: Themed issues of Kult on climate in literature, NOK 20 000

Hans Bastian Borg, Norwegian Journalism: Series of articles "Bingo - gambling addiction or coffee klatch?", NOK 40 000

Contemporary Art Stavanger, Norwegian Journalism: Series of articles on performance as a form of expression, NOK 25 000

Fanaposten, Norwegian Journalism: The investigative project "The critical voices", NOK 60 000

Marsteinen/Austevoll Publishing House, Norwegian Journalism: The project "What happened behind these doors?", NOK 40 000

The Media House Minerva, Norwegian Journalism: Series of articles "The lost decade", NOK 50 000

MELK, Norwegian Journalism: Support for 2019 - "From fag and dyke to pan-sexual and queer", NOK 80 000

Naturpress, Norwegian Journalism: Three series of articles, NOK 30 000

Nordnorsk Magazine, Norwegian Journalism: Series of articles "Mixed culture in the north", NOK 50 000

Nordnorsk Magazine, Norwegian Journalism: Review of literature from northern Norwegian publishing houses, NOK 30 000

Norwegian Film Club Association, Norwegian Journalism: Critical review of film criticism, NOK 40 000

Norwegian Shakespeare Journal, Norwegian Journalism: Strengthening of the commentary section of the Norwegian Shakespeare Journal, NOK 50 000

Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift (New Norwegian Journal), Norwegian Journalism: Series of essays "Contemporary thinkers", NOK 50 000

Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift (New Norwegian Journal), Norwegian Journalism: Book essays, NOK 50 000

Sian O'Hara, Norwegian Journalism: Series of articles from Latin America, NOK 40 000

RadiOrakel, Norwegian Journalism: Podcast "What is death?", NOK 30 000

Aage Georg Sivertsen, Norwegian Journalism: Ten historical articles in Nettavisen, NOK 20 000

Maja Kristine Sievers Skanding, Norwegian Journalism: Critical review of concerts in the Cultural Backpack, NOK 20 000

VOICES, Norwegian Journalism: Literary criticism and follow-up of young new voices, NOK 20 000

The journal Fett, Norwegian Journalism: Fett 1/2019 on the topic of money, NOK 20 000

The journal Mellom, Norwegian Journalism: The place of translated literature in criticism, NOK 20 000

Cecilie Tyri Holt, Norwegian Journalism: 'Kunstpodden', NOK 40 000

Daniel Vanderbilt-Winther, Norwegian Journalism: Radio documentary "Home to Dokka", NOK 50 000