Project Support – Lists of Grants

Grants in December 2019 (applications for NOK 100 000 or less)

Agenda Res Publica Media, Norwegian publication of the book "This land is our land" by Suketu Mehta, NOK 20 000

Agenda Res Publica Media, publication of the book "The world at the tipping point", NOK 20 000

Antipode Films, series of events "Tøyen Cinema 2020", NOK 60 000 The Norwegian Centre against Racism, two seminars on right-wing extremism, NOK 30 000

Martine Aurdal, manuscript development for the book project "Kamzy's Norway", NOK 50 000

Laial Janet Ayoub, development of a book project, NOK 30 000

Bjørn Bandlien, series of lectures "Mary Wollstonecraft and Norway in 1795", NOK 30 000

Bergen International Film Festival, Cine Latino, festival for Latin American films, NOK 75 000

Bergen Art Centre, Platform, spring semester 2020, NOK 60 000

Bergen Art Centre, publication of a book in connection with Sandra Mujinga's exhibition "Green Skin", NOK 30 000

Book salon, series of events "Poetry salon 2020", NOK 30 000

Borealis – a festival for experimental music, sub-project entitled "Doing Not Saying" at Borealis 2020, NOK 30 000

Trond Bredesen, manuscript development for the book "My mother", NOK 100 000

Terje Bringedal, Dokfoto2020, NOK 60 000

Buskerud County Art Centre, the art communication programme "Kunstgeist", NOK 20 000

Bø Municipality, "No one can tame my voice" - a journey/exhibition of experiences, NOK 15 000

Communicatio Publishing House, translation of asylum writer Gunel Movlud's novel, NOK 50 000

Deichman Library Grünerløkka, live podcasts with Pia and the Psyche at Deichman Library Grünerløkka, NOK 60 000

Det Norske Samlaget Publishing House, publication of the book "My world is melting" by Line Nagell Ylvisåker, NOK 20 000

Det Norske Samlaget Publishing House, publication of the book "With bare fists" by Siri Helle, NOK 20 000

Hege Duckert, manuscript development for the book project "The History of Norwegian Women in 200 pages", NOK 75 000

Gaute Eiterjord, manuscript development for the book "A voice in favour of the climate strike", NOK 45 000

Existenz Publishing House, Norwegian publication of Heidegger's Black Notebooks, "Considerations II-VI", NOK 35 000

The Norwegian Council for Africa, publication of the anthology "The Congo Case", NOK 20 000

Freddy Fjellheim, the stage play "POETRY IN the BORDERLANDS", NOK 10 000

Geir Flikke , manuscript development for the book project "Protests and reactions in Putin's Russia", NOK 15 000

The Norwegian Association of Fine Arts Photographers, spring exhibition 2020 - catalogue and promotion programme, NOK 40 000

The Good Criticism Association, debates about reviewing children's books 2020, NOK 40 000

The StoryCamp Association, StoryCamp 2020, NOK 50 000

Manifest Publishing House, printing support for the book publication "#Metoo, power and media" by Anja Sletteland and Kristine S. Orgeret, NOK 20 000

Defend international law, series of events entitled "Defend international law", NOK 40 000

National Trust of Norway, the seminar "Activism. The fight for cultural artefacts", NOK 20 000

Photographer Kyrre Lien:, development of the documentary film "Wolf! Wolf!", NOK 75 000

Fredrik Kalstveit, manuscript development for the book project "Norwegian cowboys", NOK 75 000

Siri Gloppen, "Annual Lecture on Rights of Indigenous Peoples", lecture and musical interlude, NOK 20 000

Grenland Free Theatre, the Winter Scene Festival, NOK 50 000

Hadeland Dialect and Language Association, the seminar "Vinje - one more time!", NOK 30 000

Ingrid Halland, publication of the book "Art and criticism in the Anthropocene", NOK 20 000

Erik-Ottar Hansen, Versus - queer literary days, NOK 10 000

Harald Henmo, manuscript development for the book project "Employees in all countries", NOK 75 000

Nora Heyerdahl, manuscript development for the book "Young climate book – the cuts we demand", NOK 45 000

Øyvind Holen, manuscript development for the book project "Ghetto", NOK 60 000

Elin Høyland, photo project "Totally awesome", NOK 50 000

Alf Kjetil Igland, manuscript development for the book "Magnhild with the gavel" about Magnhild Hagelia, NOK 40 000

International Seminar Lofoten, series of events "Between war and peace", NOK 50 000

Isme Film, launch of the documentary film "The Art of Fallism", NOK 50 000

John Jamtli, development of the comic strip "Saboteur: In the shadow of the Tirpitz", NOK 40 000

Jeff Pedersen Productions, the stage play "Jølster Hotel", NOK 40 000

Ingerid Jordal, the exhibition "The American dream about Norway", NOK 30 000

Lotte Konow Lund, manuscript development for the book "Talks with artists", NOK 50 000

The Concert Association, Ladyfest Oslo, NOK 15 000

Short Film Festival, sub-programme "Diversity and freedom of expression" at the Short Film Festival, NOK 50 000

Arild Linneberg, series of events, "Heretica", NOK 15 000

The House of Literature Agder, Non-fiction Days, Agder 2020, NOK 25 000

Literary Collective, Literary Collective events in the spring of 2020, NOK 30 000

Odin Lysaker, Mini-seminars about the climate debate, NOK 20 000

MiA – Newspaper Artists Building, Newspaper Artists annual cavalcade 2019, NOK 25 000

Moss Library, special themed evenings about women's roles and freedom of expression in 2020, NOK 20 000

PROtests, a series of readings and in-depth conversations about Palestine, NOK 25 000

Beate Myrvold, the stage play "Dancing on broken glass", NOK 50 000

Narvesen Pensioners' Association, cultural initiatives for the members, NOK 40 000

No Comprendo Press, publication of the comic strip "Work" by Anders N. Kvammen, NOK 30 000

NOOR Productions, feasibility study for "Stilla - a performance", NOK 50 000

Norsk Fjernsyn, development of the documentary film "On high heels in America", NOK 100 000

Norwegian Authors' Centre Northern Norway, The Literati 2020, NOK 30 000

NEW BANNERS, series of events "NEW BANNERS/Colourful Mondays", NOK 30 000

Original Film, development of the documentary film "Nordland County's prophet" about Ottar Brox, NOK 50 000

Oslo Museum, information project connected to the exhibition "The Golden Wish" by Shwan Dler Quaradaki, NOK 30 000

Pax Publishing House, publication of the book "Moose at sunset" by Arne Lie Christensen, NOK 20 000

Psychology Days, Psychology Days 2020, NOK 15 000

Sanna Sarromaa, manuscript development for the book "Children of divorce – the stories that are not told", NOK 50 000

Centre for Development and the Environment, the University of Oslo, the Forskkomm Lecture 2020, NOK 10 000

Ship To Gaza Norway, lecture on the use of the media to report the conflict between Israel and Palestine by Gideon Levy, NOK 5 000

Spartacus Publishing House, publication of the book "Oil Nation" by Knut Anton Mork, NOK 20 000

Spartacus Publishing House, publication of the book "Free? Trapped in a sexually liberated era" by Jakob S. Aasmundsen, NOK 20 000

Spartacus Publishing House, publication of the book "The borne felon" by Siri Warberg, NOK 20 000

The Archive Foundation, "Holocaust Day - When words mean something", commemoration for school children, NOK 50 000

The Ibsen and Hamsun in Grimstad Foundation, series of events "Do we still have a village?", NOK 30 000

Substans Film, promotional activities for the documentary film "The Outcasts", NOK 40 000

Bård Titlestad, printing support for the publication "Unstoppable", Torgrim Titlestad's auto-biography, NOK 20 000

Lech Tomczak, Polish Festival in Asker, NOK 25 000

Transcultural Art Production, series of events "It is hard to be an Arab - Out of Place", NOK 40 000

Tvedestrand Public Library, discussion event "What is the status of our freedom of expression culture?", NOK 15 000

Interdisciplinary forum, series of lectures, NOK 20 000

University of Oslo. IAKH, series of history podcasts about the media and democracy, NOK 75 000

Vigmostad & Bjørke, publication of the book "Norbritannia. An Odyssey" by Gry Blekastad Almås, NOK 20 000

Per Vollestad, manuscript development for the book project "Life at Grini", NOK 50 000

Spring Frolic Festival, Spring Frolic Festival 2020, NOK 30 000

Nina Wester, manuscript development for the theatre production "The Røstad Fools", NOK 50 000

Norwegian Journalism November 2019 (applications for NOK 100 000 or less)

Georg Einar Arnestad, Norwegian Journalism: The project "Three controversial cultural centres - five years after opening", NOK 60 000

Astrid Dypvik, Norwegian Journalism: Journal article about German political theatre, NOK 10 000

BOK365, Norwegian Journalism: New reviews of non-fiction 2020, NOK 50 000

Ethical Journalism Network, Norwegian Journalism: The seminar "Challenges to the media in Central Eastern Europe", NOK 50 000

H. Aschehoug & Co., Norwegian Journalism: The journal "Agora" - themed issues on populism, NOK 30 000

Trond Idås, Norwegian Journalism: Research project about journalists who disappear after #metoo experiences, NOK 35 000

Marie Helene Mariussen, Norwegian Journalism: The report "Hverdrag" in Blikk, NOK 30 000

Harald Medbøe, Norwegian Journalism: The magazine Revista Shukar, NOK 20 000

The Media House Minerva, Norwegian Journalism: Series of articles "How to defend Norway?", NOK 18 000

MELK, Norwegian Journalism: The journal MELK 2020 - "Urban development & European community", NOK 40 000

Arild Molstad, Norwegian Journalism: Articles on climate for Aftenposten's INSIGHT, NOK 50 000

Norwegian Film Club Association, Norwegian Journalism: Z Film Magazine, special issue on apocalyptic films, NOK 40 000

Per Christian Selmer-Andersen, Norwegian Journalism: Two reports from east Ukraine, NOK 50 000

radiOrakel, Norwegian Journalism: Podcast "My mysterious friend", NOK 40 000

radiOrakel, Norwegian Journalism: Radio series "The church as a shelter", NOK 15 000

Hege Vadstein, Norwegian Journalism: Torggata Blad no. 1 2020 - Special issue about the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), NOK 15 000