Project Support – Lists of Grants

Grants in February 2019 (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

Agora - Sofia Foundation, "Promoting and defending the right of free access to information in Russia", NOK 150 000

Aldeles AS, production of the documentary film "When the wind turns", NOK 200 000

American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU Privacy and Human Rights Initiative, NOK 250 000 Antipode Films, development of the documentary film "The History of This", NOK 100 000

Astrid Dypvik, manuscript development of the book "Will Germany march again?", NOK 125 000

Ragnar Misje Bergem, manuscript development of the book "Divine power", NOK 75 000

Bergen Triennial/Bergen Assembly, Bergen Assembly 2019: Five sub-projects, NOK 50 000

Sverre Koren Bjertnæs, publication of the book "Sverre Bjertnæs. Works", NOK 100 000

Civic pay, BIEN Norway, the conference "Visions for a Brighter Future", NOK 75 000

Carnival Union, the art project "Law Shifters", NOK 100 000

The CMI-UofB Centre on Law & Social Transformation, "Sámi Struggles in Art & Law 2019" - an exhibition and seminar, NOK 100 000

CODA Oslo International Dance Festival, CODA context 2019 - seminar and discussion programme, NOK 50 000

Lars Sandved Dalen, manuscript development of the book "This is how you write a research report", NOK 50 000

Democratic Voice of Burma/DVB Association, grant for 2019, NOK 300 000

The Norwegian Academy for Language and Literature, further development of the Norwegian Academy's Dictionary (NAOB) in 2019, NOK 200 000

Unni Eikeseth, manuscript development of the book "Chemophobia", NOK 50 000

Falck Publishing House, series of lectures "Six portraits - Jan Erik Kongshaug", NOK 75 000

Morten Fastvold, manuscript development of the book "Putting man at the centre", NOK 50 000

The Norwegian Association of Fine Arts Photographers, 2019 Photo Book Festival Oslo, NOK 100 000

Marthe Ramm Fortun, "VILLMOR", one-man show at Kunstnerforbundet (Artists' Association Gallery), NOK 50 000

FRI - Association for gender and sexual diversity, Bergen and Hordaland County, the debate arena Pride House during Rainbow Days in Bergen 2019, NOK 75 000

Sara Hambro, manuscript development of the book "The side effect", NOK 50 000

Haverd AS, Literary Festival "Good night, Oslo", NOK 75 000

Henie Onstad Art Centre, the symposium "Space Colonization in the Age of the Anthropocene", NOK 50 000

Geir Hønneland, manuscript development of the book "Northern Exposure: the High North as a colony and a vision of the future", NOK 125 000

ICORN, the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN), "The Dream We Carry" - ICORN in Frankfurt 2019, NOK 150 000

Index on Censorship, Index on Censorship Magazine 2019, NOK 150 000

Indie Film, development of the documentary series "Children of the Night", NOK 150 000

Indie Film, development of the TV series "Enemies of the People", NOK 150 000
International Seminar Lofoten, the seminar project "Who is democracy?", NOK 50 000

Journalism and Media International Center, OsloMet, the conference "No Platforming and Free Expression", NOK 80 000

Monica K. Solås, manuscript development of the book "Arctic Sea Empire. Norway in the polar regions 1880 to 1940", NOK 100 000

Kultura Liberalna Foundation, Kultura Liberalna Weekly, NOK 150 000

The KÅKÅ Quarrelsome Cathedral, annual programme for the KÅKÅ Quarrelsome Cathedral 2019, NOK 300 000

Laterna Magica, development of the documentary film "Pink fishing boat", NOK 100 000

House of Literature in Skien, House of Literature in Skien 10th anniversary, NOK 60 000

Åshild Mathisen, manuscript development of the book "I want to believe in something too", NOK 100 000

The Media Operators, production of the documentary film "Fat Front", NOK 150 000

Movies on War, Movies on War 2019, NOK 125 000

The Nansen Academy - Norwegian Humanistic Academy, grants for exchange students from Eastern Europe, NOK 80 000

Nelly Winterhalder, theatre project "STRAWBERRY/CAKE", NOK 100 000

Bjørn Nistad, manuscript development of a book about Germany's history from 1871 to today, NOK 100 000

The Nordland Research Institute, manuscript development of the anthology "Disability and Hate Speech", NOK 60 000

NORLA, "The Hour of Freedom" - programme during the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair, NOK 150 000

The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, the exhibition "100 years of the 8-hour day", NOK 125 000

The Norwegian Railway Museum, an exhibition on newspaper distribution and freedom of expression, NOK 100 000

Norwegian Literary Festival, Norwegian Literary Festival 2019, NOK 300 000

Norwegian PEN, Norwegian Project for Freedom of Expression and Responsibility of Expression 2019, NOK 350 000

New Norse Cultural Centre, Literature Days in Vinje, NOK 75 000

The Word Calotte Tromsø international Literary Festival, The Word Calotte 2019: The Neighbour, NOK 150 000

Ruby Paloma, manuscript development, publication and launch of the art book "Freigänger/Outlaws", NOK 50 000

PEN America, "Campus Speech Field Manual", NOK 300 000

Piraya Film, development of the documentary film "indigenous Uprising", NOK 200 000

Producer, production of the documentary film "An Act of Love", NOK 100 000

Vigdis Jarness Reisæter, manuscript development of the book "I'll help you", NOK 120 000

Salam Norway, series of events "Queer Voices, migrant faces", NOK 150 000

The Samovar Theatre, theatre project "Those who lost the peace", NOK 75 000

Line Schou, manuscript development of the book "When #Metoo came to Norway", NOK 100 000

Britt Kathrine Elisabeth Schumann, manuscript development of the book "The women's peace in Colombia", NOK 50 000

Oslo Heritage Society, Oslo City Lexicon online, NOK 100 000

The Skjervheim Seminar, The Skjervheim Seminar 2019: "Confidence and over-confidence", NOK 90 000

Bår Stenvik, manuscript development of the book "Programmed lives – how artificial intelligence changes our day-to-day lives", NOK 120 000

The Fresh Scenes Foundation, series of events "The Blood Club", NOK 75 000

The Festival Office Foundation, Pix Politics, NOK 75 000

The House of Literature Foundation, change support for the House of Literature 2019, NOK 1 000 000

The Vestfossen Art Laboratory Foundation, artistic publication for the exhibition "Kubatana", NOK 100 000

Eivind Sæther, manuscript development of the book "The liquidated", NOK 100 000

Sørlandet Art Museum, catalogue for the exhibition "Zdenka Rusova - Nestor of Graphics, retrospective", NOK 75 000

The Drawing Art Association of Norway - Drawing Triennale 2019, Drawing Triennale 2019 - Human Touch, NOK 100 000

Ten Thousand Images, development of the documentary film "Hidden Letters", NOK 100 000

Ten Thousand Images, co-production of the documentary film "Church of the Advocate", NOK 200 000

Ingjerd Tjelle, manuscript development of the book "Sent away to learn", NOK 120 000

UpNorth Film, impact campaign for the documentary film "iHuman", NOK 150 000

Anders Vaa, manuscript development of the book "World Grammar!", NOK 100 000

Vidar Publishing House (SolumBokvennen), Norwegian translation and publication of Hannah Arendt's "The Origins of Totalitarianism", NOK 100 000

Gelawesh Waledkhani, the exhibition "Voices from Northern Syria", NOK 15 000

Wanted Production Norway, development of "The Stovner Review - a documentary film", NOK 100 000

Norwegian Journalism (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

Scar Journal of the History of Ideas, Norwegian Journalism: Scar Journal of the History of Ideas 2019, NOK 100 000

Barents Press Norway, Norwegian Journalism: The media conference Barents Press International, NOK 150 000

Lillian Bikset, Norwegian Journalism: Theatre reviews for Dagbladet, NOK 75 000, Norwegian Journalism: Media project "Reviews of sources for everyone", NOK 400 000

The Norwegian Council for Africa, Norwegian Journalism: "Migration debate with African voices", NOK 75 000

The Røverhuset Association, Norwegian Journalism: RøverRadion, NOK 200 000

Vegard Kristiansen Kvaale, Norwegian Journalism: The podcast "The Correspondents" in 2019, NOK 100 000

Charlotte Myrbråten, Norwegian Journalism: Series of essays on theater reviews and politics, NOK 100 000

NATT&DAG, Norwegian Journalism: Coverage of municipal and county municipal elections, NOK 100 000

Nord University, Norwegian Journalism: The media research project "Blind zones and diversity", year 2, NOK 300 000

Northern lights, Norwegian Journalism: Debate and criticism from the North, NOK 180 000

Norsk Telegrambyrå, Norwegian Journalism: Strengthen photojournalism in Norwegian media, NOK 100 000

PressFire, Norwegian Journalism: Game reviews 2019, NOK 150 000

Signe Marie Rosenlund-Hauglid, Norwegian Journalism: Series of articles on development cooperation, NOK 100 000

Trønder-Avisa, Norwegian Journalism: Series of articles "From Stiklestad to Ekofisk", NOK 100 000