Project Support – Lists of Grants

Grants in March 2018 (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU Privacy and Human Rights Initiative, NOK 250 000

The Labour Movement's archives and library, the digitisation project "Individual and Authoritarian Regime", NOK 150 000

Aschehoug Publishing House, anthology of texts by asylum writers in Norway, NOK 125 000 Marie Aubert, manuscript development of the anthology "The Fourth Phase of Feminism", NOK 100 000

Hein Berdinesen, translation and publication of an anthology on Martin Heidegger's "Black Notebooks", NOK 50 000

Bergsveinn Birgisson, manuscript development of the book "The Forgotten Historian - Tormod Torfæus", NOK 125 000

Borgen Production, production of the documentary series "Einar - The Story of Norway's National Patriarch", NOK 300 000

China 2018 Publishing, Student enterprise, the photo project "China Unfolded" (book, exhibition and website), NOK 125 000

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, information campaign about the football (soccer) World Championships in Russia, NOK 50 000

Shwan Dler Qaradaki, the art documentary "Mother", NOK 40 000

Thea Storøy Elnan, manuscript development of the book "Between choice and random chance", NOK 100 000

Embla Film, exhibition and promotional activities for "The man who knew 75 languages", NOK 50 000

f(x) produksjoner, development of the documentary series "The Invisible", NOK 100 000

Festivalkontoret AS, the programme Pix Politics during Oslo Pix, NOK 75 000

Finnmark County Library, Finnmark International Literary Festival 2018, NOK 125 000

The Norwegian Association of Fine Arts Photographers, Photo Book Festival Oslo 2018, NOK 75 000

Halvor Fosli, manuscript development of the book "The Help for the Refugees", NOK 75 000

Furuset Library and Activity Centre, Groruddalen Literary Festival, NOK 50 000

Eivind H Natvig, the photo project "In 100 years, it will all be forgot", NOK 125 000

Anders Sømme Hammer, production of the documentary film "Rania’s Odyssey 2", NOK 200 000

Damian Heinisch, the photo project "Earth, Wind, Fire & Water", NOK 100 000

Magnus Helgerud, manuscript development of "The Book about Cabins", NOK 75 000

Henie Onstad Art Centre, Jumana Manna: Solo show 2018, NOK 100 000

Vigdis Holmaas, manuscript development of the book "Constructive journalism", NOK 100 000

Hulia's Film AS, development of the documentary film "Daniel Simen", NOK 150 000

Alf Reidar Jacobsen, manuscript development of the book "In Stalin's shadow", NOK 100 000

Jewish Museum, Trondheim, "You shall tell your children", an exhibition about the Holocaust, NOK 200 000

Kapittel/Sølvberget KF, Chapter 18: Solidarity, NOK 200 000

The Cat in the Bag, manuscript development of the biography "KjARTan Slettemark recreated from people's memories", NOK 100 000

Ingar Sletten Kolloen, manuscript development of the collective biography "During the war" and "After the war", NOK 350 000

The Secretariat of the Shelter Movement, conference on human trafficking, NOK 50 000

The Art Academy - Oslo National Institute of the Arts, publication "Between the Lines", NOK 100 000

Kunstplass, the exhibition "Dear Love / Secret Love", NOK 75 000

Lars Ove Seljestad, The Iron Rose Political Literature Festival, NOK 100 000

Lofoten International Literary Festival, Reine Ord 2018, NOK 75 000

The Media Operators, production of the documentary film "The Future of Iran", NOK 150 000

Tomas Myklebost, development of the documentary film "Expired", NOK 50 000

Friends of the Earth Norway, Hordaland County, series of meetings "Naturally Wednesday, Hordaland County", NOK 20 000

The Nobel Peace Centre, photo exhibition "Noble is the Man" by Rune Eraker, NOK 200 000

Norway's Social Forum, Globalisation conference 2018, NOK 100 000

Merete Offerdal Tveit, development of the documentary film "Art in Kvam", NOK 75 000

The Festival of St Olaf in Trondheim, Meeting on the western front 2018 on the topic 'Body', NOK 150 000

Kåre Olsen, manuscript development of the book "Deportation of the Jews - hospitalisation as a means of escape", NOK 100 000

openDemocracy Limited, the website North Africa West Asia (NAWA), NOK 100 000

Oslo Pride, Pride House and Pride Art at Youngstorget, NOK 75 000

OSLO16, development of the documentary film "Hasan K", NOK 75 000

Paragon Features, development of the documentary film "School to Prison Pipeline", NOK 100 000

On the Brink - the Norwegian Philosophy Festival in Kragerø, On the Brink - the Norwegian Philosophy Festival in Kragerø 2018, NOK 100 000

Rosenlund Film, development of "The grey zone - a documentary about Norwegian assailants", NOK 75 000

Margrethe Salvesen, manuscript development of the book "Almost Revolutionary", NOK 100 000

Kjersti Skarstad, manuscript development of a book about the human rights of people with disabilities, NOK 100 000

The Art Criticism Foundation, Art Criticism International, NOK 75 000

T: Nilsen local history, teaching plan for "Operation Cement Mixing", NOK 50 000

Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, promotional projects during the Ultima Festival 2018, NOK 50 000

Toni Usman, further support for the project "Dark Time", NOK 50 000

Hilde Vesaas, manuscript development of the book "The brave women of Nansen help", NOK 100 000

Vigdis Vevstad, manuscript development of children's book "Amir need not fear", NOK 50 000

Klara Wade, manuscript development of the book "The history of the EEA negotiations", NOK 50 000

Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, Oslo Women's Rights Initiative, series of meetings, NOK 100 000

Grants under the Norwegian Journalism scheme, applications for more than NOK 100 000 in February 2018

Blazer fanzine, Norwegian Journalism: Blazer fanzine, NOK 40 000, Norwegian Journalism: - fact lab, NOK 800 000
Nordic Media Days, Norwegian Journalism: NMD Young 2018, NOK 75 000