Project Support – Lists of Grants

Grants in June 2019 (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

Assitej Norway, programme at the Assitej Artistic Gathering, NOK 60 000

Astrup Fearnley Museum, the literary festival 'Kiefer's Bookshelf', NOK 75 000

Mathias Barra, manuscript development of a book about multifetal pregnancy reduction, NOK 100 000

Grants in May 2019 (applications for NOK 100 000 or less)

Terje Abusdal, photo project "Unreliable Employees", NOK 30 000

Ada-Da Produksjoner, performance project, "Sinsitnine" (South Sámi for "Between us"), NOK 30 000

AKKURAT AS, extension of the tour with the play "No one is gay in the 2nd division", NOK 30 000

Grants in April 2019 (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

Gry Almås, manuscript development of the book "Norway in Great Britain - then and now", NOK 125 000

Antipode Films development of the documentary film "BWPP", NOK 75 000

The Norwegian Centre against Racism, the conference "Nordic images of the enemy", NOK 70 000
Audiatur Bookstore, Møllebyen Literary Festival 2019, NOK 150 000

Bevilgninger i februar 2019 (søknader om kr 100 000 eller mindre)

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Grants in February 2019 (applications for more than NOK 100 000)

Agora - Sofia Foundation, "Promoting and defending the right of free access to information in Russia", NOK 150 000

Aldeles AS, production of the documentary film "When the wind turns", NOK 200 000

American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU Privacy and Human Rights Initiative, NOK 250 000

Grants in December 2018 (applications for NOK 100 000 or less)

Agder Theatre, theatre project "White Heart", NOK 30 000

Akershus Art Centre, the exhibition "Truth is Flexible", NOK 50 000

Amnesty Law Oslo, Human Rights Week 2019, NOK 10 000