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Fritt Ord-støttet lokaljournalistikk i 2019

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Bevilgninger til mindre søknadssaker i desember

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Støtte til utvikling av dokumentarfilm

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The nominees for this year's Brage Prizes have now been announced. Prizes are awarded in four categories: factual prose, fiction, books for children and young people, and open class, which is picture books for adults and children this year. All four of the prose projects nominated have received support from Fritt Ord:

Torgrim Eggen: Axel. Fra smokken til Ovnen, published by Cappelen Damm. Recipient of NOK 200 000 in support in 2009.

Nilas Johnsen: Erdogan. Tyrkias nye sultan, published by Aschehoug. Recipient of NOK 125 000 in support in 2017.

Hege Kofstad: Grenselosene, published by Pax Publishing House. Recipient of NOK 75 000 in support in 2016 and NOK 20 000 in 2019.

Shazia Majid: Ut av skyggene, published by Aschehoug. Recipient of NOK 125 000 in support in 2016.

The Fritt Ord Foundation congratulates the winners!

The Fritt Ord Foundation has published the list of the grants for more than NOK 100 000 that were awarded in October 2018.

One-fourth of about 80 allocations on the list are subsidies for manuscript development of non-fiction prose books. For example, Anna-Sabina Soggiu has received NOK 150 000 for her work with the book project "The Tenement" about Kolstadgata 7 in Oslo. The author describes the book as a portrayal of childhood in an municipal tenement building at Tøyen.

Sylo Taraku has been granted NOK 100 000 to work on the book "Albania – from bunker to resort", and Line Jansrud received a corresponding amount for the book project "Puberty", aimed at young people. Ingrid Birce Muftuoglu also received NOK 100 000 for manuscript development of the book "Wings against the wind" in collaboration with Leila Rezzouk Rossow.

The list has now been published of the Fritt Ord Foundation's grants for less than NOK 100 000 awarded in September 2019.

Among nearly 100 grants on the list, we find three for the publication of non-fiction books on feminism. The University Press has received NOK 25 000 in printing support for the book "Feminism in Islam" by Marianne Hafnor Bøe, while the publisher Brød og Roser has been granted NOK 40 000 for the translation and Norwegian version of the book "Feminism for the 99 per cent" by Nancy Fraser, Cinzia Arruzza and Tithi Bhattacharya.

Sfinxa Publishing House received NOK 40 000 to publish the richly illustrated book entitled ”We ate, slept and drank feminism", with the subtitle "Lesbian Activism in Norway 1970-1990”. The book renders visible the political art created by female artists' colonies during this period. The book was written by Inger Ås, and edited by Tonje Gjevjon.

Two major festivals with strong, socially relevance programmes will be organised in western Norway this month. The Bjørnson Festival in Molde opens on 4 September, and will run up to and including 8 September. In Stavanger, Kapittel 19 will run from 18 - 22 September, and this year's theme will be the body.

Fritt Ord has provided NOK 250 000 in support for this year's Bjørnson Festival and NOK 200 000 for Chapter 19.

The list has now been published of the Fritt Ord Foundation's grants for more than NOK 100 000 that were awarded in August 2019.

The list includes 19 grants for the development, production and launches of documentary films. For example, Differ Media, represented by Julia Dahr and Julie Lunde Lillesæter, received NOK 150 000 for the development of the film "Fight or Flight", in which we meet the citizenry of Tangier Island, Virginia, a group of people who were probably the USA's first climate refugees. The Media Operators received NOK 300 000 for to make the documentary "Breaking the Silence", being produced in collaboration with the British company Brook Lapping and Director Alexander Niakaris. The film is about the abuse in Tysfjord in Nordland County.

Speranza Film was granted NOK 150 000 for the launch of "The Self Portrait", directed by Margreth Olin and Katja Høgset. The Production Company describes the film as "a portrait of an artist and a portrait of a fatal illness".

The documentary film "All that I am" tells about what it is like for a young adult to live with the trauma of sexual assault during childhood. This is a story of a new start, of a courageous family, of people in a system intended to help, and of hope for the future. The film crew followed Emilie and her family closely for two years, and the result is an unembellished picture of what their everyday lives are like.

Along with the Childrens' House Oslo and the Support Center against Incest Oslo, the production company Sant & Usant invites the public to a presentation of the project, followed by a discussion about the prevention of violence and sexual assault. The event will be held during Arendal Week, in the Lilandsgården Building (Torggaten 10), at 3.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 13 August. 3.30 p.m.

Director Zaradasht M. Hairan's film "Nowhere to hide" has been nominated for Emmy awards in the categories 'Outstanding Current Affairs Documentary' and 'Best Documentary'. The Fritt Ord Foundation congratulates the nominee most sincerely!

"Nowhere to hide" addresses developments in Iraq after the American withdrawal in 2011. The film's protagonist is nurse and father-of-four Nori Sharif, who lives and works in Jalawla. The region becomes increasingly unstable over the years, and when IS attacks the hospital where he works, he and his family have no choice but to flee.

The film was produced by Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas. Director Zaradasht M. Hairan has previously directed the films "The Road to Diyarbekir" (2011) and "Fata Morgana" (2013).

The Fritt Ord Foundation has provided a total of NOK 450 000 in support for the development and production of the film.

The Fritt Ord Foundation has published the list of grants for less than NOK 100 000 that were awarded in June 2019.

Nearly 140 grants are on the list in this round. Among almost 50 grants for different types of seminars and festivals, we find several measures for the promotion of literature. For example, the Literary Scene Oslo, which is behind Literature at Blå, received NOK 60 000 for its extensive autumn programme. The Solstad Project in Sandefjord has received NOK 40 000 for the series of events "Topology and topography in contemporary literature", while the Literary Collective in Trondheim received NOK 30 000 for the festival Ugress 2019.