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Bergen International Film Festival 2017

Photo: from the documentary film 'Plastic China' by Jiuliang Wang.
This week marks the opening of Norway's largest film festival, featuring more than 150 documentary and fiction films. The Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) is known for its emphasis on documentary films, along with timely fiction films, short films and debates. This year, the festival is organising several exciting side events, including the human rights programme Checkpoints and the exhibition BIFF Expanded

Checkpoints, organised jointly by BIFF and the Rafto Foundation, has been screening films that deal with current human rights issues since 2007. This year, about 20 films will be screened under this item on the programme. The war in Syria is a focal point, accompanied by films related to climate and environmental topics, migration and refugee flows, surveillance and organised crime. The winning film in the competitive programme wins a cash prize that will be donated to the field or the cause highlighted in the film. The exhibition BIFF Expanded experiments with a combination of film, VR technology and art installations. See the entire festival playbill here. 

Fritt Ord has provided financial support for BIFF's educational programme in the following amounts: schools in Hordaland County, NOK 100 000; the side event Checkpoints, NOK 100 000; and the exhibition BIFF Expanded, NOK 30 000.

The festival is also screening the following Fritt Ord-supported film projects: Arctic Sea Blood, Mogadishu Soldier, Nowhere to hide and Thank you for the rain. 

The festival will run from 26 September to 4 October. Tickets are available from bergenkino.no or biff.no, on the Bergen Cinema app, and at the refreshment centres at Bergen Cinema.