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Smaller grants in December

Illustration: Trond Bredesen
The list has now been published of the Fritt Ord Foundation's grants for less than NOK 100 000 awarded in December 2019.

The list covers more than 100 grants. For example, Trond Bredesen has received NOK 100 000 for the development of the project "My mother", a photo and conversation book about his mother's last year in assisted living. Bredesen offers warm descriptions of tragi-comic and taboo situations that are typical for those with dementia and geriatric patients. The book will be published by No Comprendo Press.

Norsk Fjernsyn AS, repr. by producer Benedikte Danielsen, has received NOK 100 000 to develop the documentary film "On high heels in America". Gunhild Westhagen Magnor has been responsible for the script and directing. The film is based on Siv Ringdal's Fritt Ord-supported book by the same title, which won Southern Norway's literary prize earlier this year. It is a contemporary piece of Norwegian-American history about young, single women who emigrated from southern Norway to New York to work in the post-WWII era.