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Book Launch: “Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now”

On 5 December, former NJP photographer Eivind H. Natvig will be launching his book “Du Er Her No / You Are Here Now” in the Fritt Ord offices. 

Natvig portrays a Norway free of hackneyed clichés such as beautiful fjords and blonds. Instead, it is a country filled with darkness, humour, colours and wild contrasts. Natvig also worked on this project during his two-year stint with NJP.

Fritt Ord have provided a total of NOK 280 000 in funding for the exhibition and book production for "Du er her no / You Are Here Now". 

Read more about the book on the NJP website. 

“In 2007, I began taking photos of Norway, but they were not on commission and were not of commercial value. The photos did not even have a particular meaning. Instead, they were like a visual relief. These photographs were taken out of the joy of discovering Home, a country I had hardly visited. In 2011, the project got the upper hand and I spent 12 months on the road in self-imposed homelessness”, writes Natvig about his project.