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“Emmanuel Macron – a populist elitist?” By Enja Sæthren

Will Emmanuel Macron manage to get the French people to rally round, or will the election of the new president reinforce anti-European tendencies and contempt for the political elite? Enja Sæthren has written about this on the Fritt Ord-supported platform 'FutureLab Europe'.

FutureLab Europe is a think tank for young people between the ages of 20 and 30 who are interested in European issues. Participants are urged to participate in the social debate through feature articles, blogs and on the social media.

Enja Sæthren has been a member of FutureLab Europe since 2012 and is an alumni of Sciences Po in Paris. Read more about the programme and the opportunities to participate in futurelabeurope.eu.