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Golden Nymph Award to "Dugma - The Button"

Photo: Festival de Télévision
The Fritt Ord-supported documentary film "Dugma - the Button" won a Golden Nymph Award at the Festival de Télévision in Monte Carlo.

Pål Salahdin Refsdal's film follows several potential suicide candidates from al-Qaida, and gives the audience a unique understanding of their thoughts and feelings during the preparations for attacks against the government forces in Syria. "Dugma - the Button" paints a different, more close-up picture of the Islamic rebels. Through the eyes of the director, they are portrayed as people rather than fanatics.

Congratulations on the prize to Director Refsdal and Producer Ingvil Giske. Fritt Ord has provided a total of NOK 380 000 in support for the development, production and launch.