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Honorary prize to journalists

Facsimile, noas.no.
​The Fritt Ord Foundation congratulates Anders Hammer, Nilas Johnsen and Maren Sæbø on winning Annette Thommessen's Honorary Prize for 2019 for their journalism on the issues facing refugees.

"At a time when the major challenges are international and call for multinational solutions, major editorial boards are cutting back on the number of correspondent they have and on their own international coverage. The work being done by competent, involved freelancers and stringers, and through reporting projects, is becoming ever more important for ensuring the best possible coverage and for informing public discourse on international challenges like the situation for refugees and internally displaced persons", writes the Board of Annette Thommessen's Memorial Fund in the grounds for their decision.

Further, they emphasise that they would like this year's honorary prize to celebrate what crucial societal responsibilities the three journalists bear when enlightening the Norwegian public about circumstances that motivate the refugees to flee, by telling the refugees' own stories, and by showing us the consequences of Norwegian and European policies in respect of refugees.

Read more about the prizewinners here (in Norwegian): https://www.noas.no/hederspris-for-journalistikk-om-mennesker-pa-flukt/

The prize is named after Annette Thommessen, founder of NOAS – The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS). The awards ceremony will be open to the public and take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, 28 May, at the Fritt Ord Foundation's premises in Oslo.

Fritt Ord has supported the work done by all three of the prize laureates.