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Promoting criticism in Norwegian journals

In the first round of applications for the project 'Norwegian Journalism', Fritt Ord received a comprehensive collective application from the Norwegian Association of the Periodical Press for a campaign to promote criticism in Norwegian journals. The collective application contained a subset of partial applications from a number of major and minor Norwegian journals.
Altogether, NOK 800 000, divided among 16 criticism-related projects, was allocated to 15 different journals. For example, Vagant received support for a project on criticism of debate-oriented factual prose and for a digital criticism column to address European perspectives in literature. The Norwegian Shakespeare Journal received a grant for digital publication of criticism on theatre and dramatic art, and the journal Fett received support to strengthen its role as a platform for criticism relating to awareness of cultural feminism. 

These journals received support for their criticism-related projects:
Agora (NOK 50 000)
Ballade (NOK 30 000)
BLA Bokvennen (NOK 50 000)
Cinema (NOK 60 000)
Folkemusikk (Folk Music) (NOK 50 000)
Kunsthåndverk (Applied Arts) (NOK 50 000)
Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift (New Norwegian Journal) (NOK 60 000)
Fett Magazine (NOK 50 000)
Mellom (Between) (NOK 30 000)
Nordnorsk Magazine (NOK 50 000)
Norsk Barneblad (Norwegian Children's Magazine) (NOK 40 000)
Norwegian Shakespeare Journal (NOK 90 000)
Røyst (NOK 60 000)
Stemmer (Voices) (NOK 30 000)
Vagant, factual prose (NOK 60 000)
Vagant, criticism column for European perspectives (NOK 40 000)

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