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Non-fiction books on feminism

From ”We ate, slept and drank feminism"
The list has now been published of the Fritt Ord Foundation's grants for less than NOK 100 000 awarded in September 2019.

Among nearly 100 grants on the list, we find three for the publication of non-fiction books on feminism. The University Press has received NOK 25 000 in printing support for the book "Feminism in Islam" by Marianne Hafnor Bøe, while the publisher Brød og Roser has been granted NOK 40 000 for the translation and Norwegian version of the book "Feminism for the 99 per cent" by Nancy Fraser, Cinzia Arruzza and Tithi Bhattacharya.

Sfinxa Publishing House received NOK 40 000 to publish the richly illustrated book entitled ”We ate, slept and drank feminism", with the subtitle "Lesbian Activism in Norway 1970-1990”. The book renders visible the political art created by female artists' colonies during this period. The book was written by Inger Ås, and edited by Tonje Gjevjon.


From ”We ate, slept and drank feminism"
Fritt Ord provided support for manuscript development of "Feminism in Islam" and ”We ate, slept and drank feminism".