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Support for documentary films

The Fritt Ord Foundation has published the list of grants for more than NOK 100 000 that were awarded in December 2018.

Among the 115 allocations, we find 18 grants for the development and production of documentary films. For example, NOK 200 000 has been allocated to Aldeles AS for the production of Director Lena-Christin Kalle's documentary "Those without legal rights" about the girls reputed to have consorted with the Germans, and their children. Isme Film has received NOK 150 000 for the production of the artistic documentary film "Fallism" directed by Aslaug Aarsæther. The film depicts a student movement in South Africa that is fighting to decolonise the country.

NOK 150 000 was allocated to the Media Operators to develop the film "Breaking the Silence", a co-production with Brook Lapping of the UK and Director Alexander Niakaris. The documentary explores the abuse cases in Tysfjord.