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Funding for festivals

The Fritt Ord Foundation has published the list of grants for more than NOK 100 000 that were awarded in August 2018.

In this round, support was provided for numerous festivals. For example, SILK - Skudeneshavn International Literary and Cultural Festival received NOK 90 000, while NOK 150 000 were granted to KÅKÅnomics - the Nordic Economics Festival, which is taking place in Stavanger. The literary symposium in Odda received NOK 100 000 and the new Bergen International Literary Festival got NOK 200 000. 

The literary symposium in Odda will be held from 10 - 14 October, KÅKÅnomics from 17 - 20 October, SILK from 31 October - 20 November and the Bergen international Literary Festival in February 2019.