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Support for journalism projects in December 2017

A list of the 48 projects that received support in December 2017 under the Norwegian Journalism scheme has been posted.

For example, subsidies were given to three local newspapers to examine the consequences of Norway's imminent municipal and county mergers. Two of the newspapers are located in Nord-Trøndelag County. Trønder-Avisa received NOK 100 000 for the project "When county borders fall", while the Steinkjer-Avisa received NOK 120 000 for the "Local Democracy Project". In addition, Sunnmørsposten received NOK 100 000 for the municipal project "A heartfelt welcome!".

Support for the Fædrelandsvennen's project Innsyn.no, which gives the general public easy access to public documents, was continued by providing NOK 125 000. For the second consecutive year, Kjetil Østli was granted NOK 120 000 for series of articles on Norwegian research in Harvest and Morgenbladet, under the title "The Seafood Nation Norway".