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Support for non-fiction literature

Photo: Narve Skarpmoen/Nasjonalbiblioteket
The list of the Fritt Ord Foundation grants for more than NOK 100 000 awarded in August 2017 has now been published.

Among other things, the list includes 16 subsidies for manuscript development for non-fiction literature. For example, Marta Gjernes received support for her work with the book project "The Jewish Oslo. New residents of the city from 1851 to 1940". Olav Østrem received a grant for the development of his book "Applicable law" and Tone Magni Finstad Vestheim was granted support for "Macron - The Saviour of France and Europe?". Also, Siri Merete Neset received support for her work with "Quo Vadis Turkey"?. 

(Pictured: the synagogue in Bergstien, Oslo, circa 1930.)