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Support for seminars

Illustration: The HIV virus, Wikimedia Commons
A list has now been published of the minor grants awarded by the Fritt Ord Foundation in October 2015.

Among the projects supported, we find more than 30 seminars, conferences and festivals. For example, Farhat Taj has been granted NOK 40 000 for "Muslim Sectarianism as Core of Islam-Implications for Norway", an open full-day seminar at the House of Literature in Oslo in early 2016. The Sex Workers Rights Organisation in Norway (PION) has received NOK 10 000 for the seminar "Warm-up party for World Aids Day". The event is being co-organised by PION, HIV Norway and the Association for Humane Drug Policies, and it will take place at the House of Literature on 30 November. Minding Animals Norway received NOK 30 000 for the Animal Ethics Conference 2015, which will be held on 4 December - also at the House of Literature.