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Photo: Poster for "And Here I Am"
A list of Fritt Ord's grants for applications for less than NOK 100 000 that were awarded in February 2018 has been published. 

Funding was allocated for no fewer than 107 projects in this round, including five theatre projects. For example, Ahmed Tobasi received NOK 50 000 to tour with the production "And Here I Am" in Norway, Jordan and Palestine. Fritt Ord also provided support for the development of the play, written by Hassan Abdulrazzak. "And Here I Am" is based on Actor Ahmed Tobasi's background as a refugee from Palestine, who came to Norway.

Marius Kolbenstvedt received NOK 40 000 for a Norwegian version of Einat Weizman's documentary play "Prisoners of the Occupation". The project lends a voice to Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons and camps.