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Two Emmy nominations for "Nowhere to Hide"

Director Zaradasht M. Hairan's film "Nowhere to hide" has been nominated for Emmy awards in the categories 'Outstanding Current Affairs Documentary' and 'Best Documentary'. The Fritt Ord Foundation congratulates the nominee most sincerely!
"Nowhere to hide" addresses developments in Iraq after the American withdrawal in 2011. The film's protagonist is nurse and father-of-four Nori Sharif, who lives and works in Jalawla. The region becomes increasingly unstable over the years, and when IS attacks the hospital where he works, he and his family have no choice but to flee.
The film was produced by Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas. Director Zaradasht M. Hairan has previously directed the films "The Road to Diyarbekir" (2011) and "Fata Morgana" (2013).
The Fritt Ord Foundation has provided a total of NOK 450 000 in support for the development and production of the film.