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Truls Aagedal's autobiographic documentary published on Aftenposten.no

From the film "The Meaning of Life"
Truls Aagedal's final film project from the Bachelor's degree programme in TV documentary from Lillehammer was recently published on Aftenposten's (newspaper) website "The Meaning of Life" tells a strong story of abuse and battering, nightmares, depression and compulsion. In this deeply personal film, Aagedal comes to terms with the past and accepts the events that characterised his childhood. In an interview with Dagbladet (newspaper), he says that the film is intended to give hope to others, and to show that it is possible to find meaning and to move on with life.
Fritt Ord congratulates the winner for this powerful, splendid film. The film project received a student grant of NOK 20 000 through the Fritt Ord Foundation's grant arrangement with Lillehammer University College (now the Inland University College) in the 2015/2016 school year.