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Screening of the documentary film "Thank you for the Rain"

The Norwegian documentary film "Thank you for the Rain" by Julia Dahr and Kisilu Musya is available for screenings between 1 August and 11 September 2017. The goal of the initiative is to put climatic change and climate justice on the agenda before Norway's parliamentary election in 2017. Through collaboration with the Climate Election Alliance, anyone who so desires can organise a public screening in Norway, whether one is a private individual or represents an association or organisation. Read more about the guidelines for organising a screening here.

For a list of already planned screenings, please see here

The film "Thank you for the Rain" is about the Kenyan smallholder Kisilu and his family, and their fight against climate change. Five years ago, the self-taught film maker started to film his family and his village. Their video journals show us the consequences of more droughts, floods and storms, and Kisilu follows that from his rural Kenyan village to Oslo and COP21 in Paris.

Fritt Ord has provided support for the production and promotion of the film.