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The October list of Fritt Ord's grants in response to ordinary applications for more than NOK 100 000 have now been published.

Among the recipients, we find several projects related to the image-related aspects of journalism. The Oslo National Institute of the Arts, Design Division, received NOK 800 000 for a four-year part-time position in satirical drawing, hiring the artist Siri Dokken in a 20% position. The Nobel Peace Centre received NOK 200 000 for the photo exhibition "Generation Wealth" by Lauren Greenfield, while Photographer Anne-Stine Johnsbråten received NOK 100 000 for manuscript development and the publication of photo book "Good Wife, Wise Mother – Women in Japan".

Support was also granted for TRD - the Trondheim Documentary Festival 2017 and the DOK18 Festival for Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in Fredrikstad. Photographer Terje Bringedal received NOK 30 000 for the photo project "The Island of Forgotten Women".

The first call for applications for the scheme 'Norwegian Journalism' resulted in about 50 applications for project support from Fritt Ord. The major grants (those for more than NOK 100 000) have now been processed, and a total of NOK 4 550 000 has been distributed among 16 projects. See the complete list here.

The Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen received MNOK 2 to establish a new Centre for Investigative Journalism. Sindre Leganger received NOK 120 000 for the podcast series "Vaterland" about young, Norwegian drug pushers in Oslo, while the Independent Barents Observer received NOK 200 000 for the project "Freedom of the Press Barents". Gateavisa received NOK 100 000 for the online TV series "Oslo's hidden erotic oases", and SKUP got NOK 100 000 for the Nordic Data SKUP conference. Helge Øgrim was granted NOK 100 000 for a project on asylum immigration to Norway, with a plan to publish in the online newspaper Minerva.

In the first round of applications for the project 'Norwegian Journalism', Fritt Ord received a comprehensive collective application from the Norwegian Association of the Periodical Press for a campaign to promote criticism in Norwegian journals. The collective application contained a subset of partial applications from a number of major and minor Norwegian journals.

Altogether, NOK 800 000, divided among 16 criticism-related projects, was allocated to 15 different journals. For example, Vagant received support for a project on criticism of debate-oriented factual prose and for a digital criticism column to address European perspectives in literature. The Norwegian Shakespeare Journal received a grant for digital publication of criticism on theatre and dramatic art, and the journal Fett received support to strengthen its role as a platform for criticism relating to awareness of cultural feminism.

This week marks the opening of Norway's largest film festival, featuring more than 150 documentary and fiction films. The Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) is known for its emphasis on documentary films, along with timely fiction films, short films and debates. This year, the festival is organising several exciting side events, including the human rights programme Checkpoints and the exhibition BIFF Expanded.

Støtte til utvikling av dokumentarfilmer

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The list of the Fritt Ord Foundation grants for more than NOK 100 000 awarded in August 2017 has now been published.

Among other things, the list includes 16 subsidies for manuscript development for non-fiction literature. For example, Marta Gjernes received support for her work with the book project "The Jewish Oslo. New residents of the city from 1851 to 1940". Olav Østrem received a grant for the development of his book "Applicable law" and Tone Magni Finstad Vestheim was granted support for "Macron - The Saviour of France and Europe?". Also, Siri Merete Neset received support for her work with "Quo Vadis Turkey"?.

The Fritt Ord Foundation congratulates Terje Abusdal on winning the prestigious photo competition, the Leica Oskar Barnack Award. Abusdal won the competition's main category with his photo project "Slash & Burn" about the Norwegian Forest Finns in Hedmark County. The project documents a minority culture that is in the process of disappearing, exploring both the history of the Forest Finns and what it means to be a Forest Finn today.

Millioner har sett dokumentaren ”Ranias flukt”

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The Norwegian documentary film "Thank you for the Rain" by Julia Dahr and Kisilu Musya is available for screenings between 1 August and 11 September 2017. The goal of the initiative is to put climatic change and climate justice on the agenda before Norway's parliamentary election in 2017. Through collaboration with the Climate Election Alliance, anyone who so desires can organise a public screening in Norway, whether one is a private individual or represents an association or organisation. Read more about the guidelines for organising a screening here.

Priser til «Dødsårsak: Ukjent» og Nori Sharif i «Nowhere to Hide» på Traverse City Film Festival

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The Festival of St. Olaf in Trondheim will be held from 28 July to 5 August 2017. Fritt Ord has allocated support for the ‘Meeting on the Western Front’, which is actually a series of meetings to be held daily during the festival.

For example, on Opening Day (28 July 2017 at 3 p.m.), Erik Hillestad will talk about the theme of this year's festival, "Idol". On 30 July at 3 p.m., Sherin Khankan, Denmark's first female imam, will deliver a lecture entitled "The future of Islam is a woman". On Tuesday, 1 August at 1 p.m., Åsne Seierstad, Father Alexi and Jan Egeland will take part in an event entitled "Who can save Syria?". See the entire programme on The Festival of St. Olaf's website.

The list of grants for NOK 100 000 or less for June 2017 has now been published.

The 82 grants awarded in this round include seven grants for diverse types of dramatic art. For example, Scenekraft received NOK 100 000 for the theatre project "Traitor – the story of a nurse on the front lines". The production is a collaboration with Haugesund Theatre, and the premier is scheduled for 12 April 2018.

The recently written play draws attention to the fate of the Norwegian nurses who served in the front lines during World War II. These young women were both judged and condemned for their humanitarian service in a wartime situation when they travelled to the Eastern Front for the Red Cross to care for German soldiers. Many were punished as traitors and public opinion censured them, ensuring that they lived with shame and self-blame for the rest of their lives. In "Traitor", we follow individuals and families that were affected.