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Boundary Struggles

Illustration: Oda Sofie Granholt
​The main findings and conclusions from the project 'The Status of Freedom of Expression in Norway 2015–2017' are available in Norwegian in a brief report.

The key findings from the second round of the project 'The Status of Freedom of Expression in Norway 2015–2017' are presented in English in the book Boundary Struggles: Contestations of Free Speech in the Norwegian Public Sphere. To make findings and conclusions more available to a Norwegian audience, the report Offentlighetens grenser (pdf) was also published in Norwegian. 

The book is based on empirical studies of the Norwegian public sphere. One central premise of the book is the notion that the public sphere is the venue for struggles over the power to define and conflicts about where the boundaries ought to be in terms of who gets to participate and what can be said.

Islam og muslimer i norske medier i 2016

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Final Report on the Status of Freedom of Expression in Norway 2013-2014

The project "Status of Freedom of Expression in Norway – the Fritt Ord Foundation's Monitor Project", is being headed by the Institute for Social Research, along with partners from the University of Oslo (Dept. of Media and Communication), FAFO, TNS Gallup, and attorney Jon Wessel Aas. The project is conducted on commission for the Fritt Ord Foundation. 

Download the report (in Norwegian only) here (pdf). 

In the report, the authors examine different aspects of Norway's culture of free speech, concentrating on social changes related to cultural and religious pluralism, digitisation and global cultural trends. The analyses are based on a broad sample of data: surveys of the general population, artists, authors and journalists, as well as goal-oriented qualitative interviews of debaters from minority backgrounds, journalists and editors from several media houses.  

Kommentarjournalistikk i regionale medier

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What about the humanities?

On Friday, 21 March, What about the humanities? A report on the situation of the humanities in Norway (pdf) was presented to Minister of Education Torbjørn Røe Isaksen at a launch seminar in the Fritt Ord offices.

What is the status of the humanities in Norway today? What kind of legitimacy do the humanities carry in Norwegian society? What type of role should the humanities play in the public space? What can be done to reinvigorate the humanities and render their social significance visible? Are the humanities in crisis?

In an attempt to answer these questions, this report offers assessments of international debates about the humanities, a review of the history of the concept of the humanities in Norway and of the place of the humanities in Norway's research and educational system, interviews with a group of social players and an overview of arguments often mobilised in defence of the humanities.

The report identifies four areas in which there is a great deal at stake for the humanities' social contract: ”The public and education”, ”The national and the global”, ”Usefulness and preparedness”, ”Views on science and distinctive character”, and it advocates a notion of the humanities as a form of scientific preparedness that better equips us to cope with crises, the unexpected, uncertainty and coincidence.

Finally, it suggests possible changes of course and measures to strengthen the humanities in Norway in their encounters with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Journalistikk og demokrati

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