Applications – Guidelines for Applicants

Guidelines for Applicants

NB: Important information regarding disbursement requests and reports.

Deadlines and General Information

The Fritt Ord Foundation has the following deadlines for applications in 2019.

3 p.m. 4 January will be processed in February
3 p.m. 8 March will be processed in April/May
3. p.m. 3 May will be processed in June
3 p.m. 2 August will be processed in September
3 p.m. 13 September will be processed in October/November
3 pm. 1 November will be processed in December

The programme "Norweigan Journalism" has the following application deadlines:

3 p.m. 11 January 2019
3 p.m. 15 March 2019
3 p.m. 10 May 2019
3 p.m. 2 August 2019
3 p.m. 20 September 2019
3 p.m. 8 November 2019

Applications must be submitted to the Fritt Ord Foundation well in advance, allowing time for the completion of our administrative procedures before the project in question is carried out. Support will not be granted in arrears.

Once applications are granted, subsequent communication shall also take place through our Applications Centre. Recipients should submit disbursement requests and reports under "My applications" on the Applications Centre website.

Applicants should note that the steadily increasing number of applications has made it necessary to narrow the Foundation's target area, meaning that priority will be given to grants aimed more directly at activities that promote the use of free speech.

Application form
The digital form is based on a step-by-step review of the fields you must complete to apply. There are quality control checks on some obligatory fields that you must complete to submit the form. You can start completing a form and save a draft, then access it again when you log in later.

It is recommended that applicants have all relevant information handy before starting to complete the application form. Moreover, all documents that are uploaded should be final versions.

It is required that applicants send us a detailed description of the project for which support is being sought, and submit a budget and funding plan.
  • Project description: a clear concise description of the project
  • Budget and funding plan: a funding plan indicates project costs, self-financing, the project's anticipated revenues, other support that has been pledged, and other applications that are still pending

Applicants can also upload other documents that are relevant for processing applications. These can be uploaded as a CV or an Attachment.
  • CV (concise information about the qualifications of individuals or a group involved in the project. Where several people are involved, CVs should be collected in one file.)
  • Attachment(s) (e.g.: excerpts of manuscripts limited to 1-2 chapters, declarations of support, letters of intent with a publisher regarding book publication, screening agreements with TV channels, press clippings or declarations of support)

File formats
Application documents will be accepted in the following formats: pdf, Word or jpg. Please note that it is not possible to submit Excel files (.xls and .xlsx), so they must be converted to pdf format. Please bear in mind that the applications must be manageable and readable - do not attach large volumes of pages.

There are limits on the size of the files that will be accepted. Documents accompanying applications must therefore be compacted. The Fritt Ord Foundation will not accept subsequent e-mails containing files that exceed the specified size.

CVs – max. 1 MB
Project description – max. 2 MB
Budget and funding plan – max. 1 MB
Attachment(s) – max. 2 MB
Physical attachments such as published books, booklets, DVD films, etc., may be sent to the Fritt Ord Foundation.  These will not be returned. Mailing address: The Fritt Ord Foundation, Uranienborgveien 2, 0258 Oslo.