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Connor Joseph Cavanagh, "Organizational Culture, Power, and Forest Governance: Towards a Neo-Institutional Sociology of Conservation at Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda", kr 10 000

Yee Yee Htun, "The Role of Sivil Society in the Process of Democratizing and Development: A Study of Burma/Myanmar", kr 10 000

Emma N. Tembo Mutoloki, "Human rights and cultural aspect of the disabled people in Zambia: a study focusing on women and children of Chongwe district", kr 10 000

H. Nicole Portheim, "The power of words: How Amnesty International Norway influence the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in questions on economic, social and cultural rights", kr 10 000

Helena Svele, et forskningsprosjekt om afghanske flyktninger i Norge med henblikk på menneskelig sikkerhet, kjønn og identitet, kr 10 000

Sarah Anderson
, ”Use of transnational space of free communication by Sri Lankan Tamils for reconstruction, development, free state opposition and democracy”, kr 10 000

Lene Espelund, “Investigation of the ‘culture of peace’ in the Israel/Palestine situation. The role of human rights and freedom of expression in the development of democracy institutions”, kr 10 000

Lili Lin, “Rural women and elections in China. Does awareness of voting rights affect their participations?”, kr 10 000

Tami Okamoto Mendoza, “Obstacles to public participation, freedom of expression and human rights among marginalized people in mining areas in Peru”, kr 10 000

Mattia Anesa,
“The UN Global Compact applied to the current situation in Madagascar. Impacts on human rights, labor rights and corruption”, kr 10 000

Desalegn Keba Dheressa, “The ability of school feeding programmes funded through development aid, to meet basic child rights in terms of education and food security in southern Ethiopia”, kr 10 000

Maryna Garashchenko, “The UN Global Compact applied to the current situation in Ukraine. Impacts on human rights, labor rights and corruption”, kr 10 000

Robert Hodosi, “The voice and rights of the Batwa indigenous people evicted from the Bwindi National Park in Uganda. Compensation and respect for democratic principles”, kr 10 000

Siri Meinich, ”The role of civil society organizations in Tanzania in the management resources and fight against corruption. Ability to raise awareness among stakeholders”, kr 10 000