The 2019 Free Media Awards were bestowed at the Free Media Awards conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, under the auspices of Fritt Ord and ZEIT-Stiftung, on Tuesday 19 November 2019.


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Norwegian Documentary Photography

The Norwegian Journal of Photography will be the focal point of the autumn's premier photography exhibition at the Henie Onstad Art Centre. 23 August 2019 will mark the opening of the exhibition "Norwegian Documentary Photography", featuring works by all the photographers who have taken part in the four volumes of NJP.

Freedom of expression, current events and photography in the interface between art and documentary will be the focal points of the autumn's exhibition at the Henie Onstad Art Centre.

The Fritt Ord Foundation's Oxford Fellowship for 2020 is awarded to Shazia Majid

The Fritt Ord Foundation's journalism fellowship to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford for 2020 is awarded to Shazia Majid, journalist and former commentator at VG.

Majid (b. 1974) has worked at the newspaper for 10 years and is currently employed as an investigative journalist. She is a double SKUP Diploma winner. Out of the shadows, her first book of prose, was published earlier this year to rave reviews.



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The award ceremony for Frank Nervik, Norun Haugen, Ola Waagen and Piraya Film took place from 2.30 - 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 22 October at Fritt Ord's premises in Uranienborgveien 2, Oslo.
​​To identify and analyse the status of freedom of expression in Norway, the Fritt Ord Foundation is announcing the availability of up to MNOK 6 in framework funding for a research-based monitoring survey in 2020 - 2021.

The Monitoring Project on the status of freedom of expression in Norway has been carried out twice before by an interdisciplinary research consortium headed by the Institute for Social Research.
OsloMet and Fritt Ord invite the public to a debate on the importance of digitisation for journalism, on Wednesday, 6 November 2019, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Fritt Ord's premises at Uranienborgveien 2, Oslo.

The seminar will highlight the all-encompassing digitisation of society. This development trend gives journalists new opportunities for research, reporting and international cooperation, but it also means the tracking of information, digital footprints and weaker protection of personal privacy and of sources. Technology as a tool for control and surveillance exposes journalists and editors to genuine risk – in the worst case life-threatening – when it falls into the wrong hands. Recent years have shown that "the wrong hands" may prove to be oppressive regimes, or precisely the individuals and groups that the editorial boards are writing about.



Støtte til utvikling av dokumentarfilm

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Brage-nominasjon til fire Fritt Ord-støttede sakprosabøker

The nominees for this year's Brage Prizes have now been announced. Prizes are awarded in four categories: factual prose, fiction, books for children and young people, and open class, which is picture books for adults and children this year. All four of the prose projects nominated have received support from Fritt Ord:

Torgrim Eggen: Axel. Fra smokken til Ovnen, published by Cappelen Damm. Recipient of NOK 200 000 in support in 2009.

Nilas Johnsen: Erdogan. Tyrkias nye sultan, published by Aschehoug. Recipient of NOK 125 000 in support in 2017.

Hege Kofstad: Grenselosene, published by Pax Publishing House. Recipient of NOK 75 000 in support in 2016 and NOK 20 000 in 2019.

Shazia Majid: Ut av skyggene, published by Aschehoug. Recipient of NOK 125 000 in support in 2016.

The Fritt Ord Foundation congratulates the winners!

Støtte til manusutvikling av sakprosa

The Fritt Ord Foundation has published the list of the grants for more than NOK 100 000 that were awarded in October 2018.

One-fourth of about 80 allocations on the list are subsidies for manuscript development of non-fiction prose books. For example, Anna-Sabina Soggiu has received NOK 150 000 for her work with the book project "The Tenement" about Kolstadgata 7 in Oslo. The author describes the book as a portrayal of childhood in an municipal tenement building at Tøyen.

Sylo Taraku has been granted NOK 100 000 to work on the book "Albania – from bunker to resort", and Line Jansrud received a corresponding amount for the book project "Puberty", aimed at young people. Ingrid Birce Muftuoglu also received NOK 100 000 for manuscript development of the book "Wings against the wind" in collaboration with Leila Rezzouk Rossow.

Sakprosabøker om feminisme

The list has now been published of the Fritt Ord Foundation's grants for less than NOK 100 000 awarded in September 2019.

Among nearly 100 grants on the list, we find three for the publication of non-fiction books on feminism. The University Press has received NOK 25 000 in printing support for the book "Feminism in Islam" by Marianne Hafnor Bøe, while the publisher Brød og Roser has been granted NOK 40 000 for the translation and Norwegian version of the book "Feminism for the 99 per cent" by Nancy Fraser, Cinzia Arruzza and Tithi Bhattacharya.

Sfinxa Publishing House received NOK 40 000 to publish the richly illustrated book entitled ”We ate, slept and drank feminism", with the subtitle "Lesbian Activism in Norway 1970-1990”. The book renders visible the political art created by female artists' colonies during this period. The book was written by Inger Ås, and edited by Tonje Gjevjon.



Conversation about "White Right: Meeting the Enemy", by Deeyah Khan Fritt Ord youtube 1.7751479289941 600 338




Status for ytringsfriheten i Norge – Fritt Ords monitorprosjekt

The project "Status of freedom of expression in Norway – the Fritt Ord Foundation's Monitor Project", is being headed by the Institute for Social Research on commission for the Fritt Ord Foundation. The current partner is the Department of Media and Communication (IMK) at the University of Oslo. Former partners include Fafo, TNS Gallup and lawyer Jon Wessel-Aas.

(Former webpage:


​For quite some time, the Fritt Ord Foundation has had media and journalism as one of its core target areas. In the demanding situation currently being experienced by the media and thereby by the public sphere as a whole, we aspire to do even more to support and promote high-quality journalism in several fields.

The programme 'Quality Journalism in a New Era' ran from 2015 to 2017, awarding 10 million NOK annually.

The programme 'Norwegian Journalism' will run from 2017 to 2020, and award 25 million NOK annually.

Norwegian Journal of Photography

The Norwegian Journal of Photography was established in 2011 to serve as an arena where independent photographers who work in the interface between traditional press photography on the one hand and art photography on the other will be able to present the full scope of their projects. NJP brings together and supports selected Norwegian photographic documentary projects, and the first edition of the book was launched in February 2013.

Fritt Ords studentstipend

In collaboration with a number of Norwegian universities and university colleges, the Fritt Ord Foundation calls for applications for grants for students who are working on master's theses and documentary films in fields such as human rights, journalism, freedom of expression and democracy building. The call for applications is located on the websites of the respective institutions, but feel free to contact Fritt Ord for more information about the grant applicable to you.

Applications should be sent directly to the relevant faculties. Application deadlines vary, but are often set for sometime during the month of October.