Call for Applications: Cross Border Journalism Project “Asia-Mix: Water Issues”

The spring 2019 call for applications for the cross-border journalism project "Asia-Mix: Water Issues" is now open.

We warmly invite journalists from Russia, Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, Caucasus and Central Asia to work together to produce stories through partnership and collaboration that transcend their national borders as a part of the Perspektivy programme (Программа "Перспективы"). Participants may undertake 1-3 day research trips in Central Asia in order to better understand water issues in the region.

Applications deadline is the 3rd of March 2019.

This is a new opportunity for journalists in the early and mid stages of their career looking for the chance to develop their skills in reporting on cross-border issues concerning countries in Central Asia, in order to enhance their professional network in this region.

This programme will involve the following activities:
  • workshops on basic journalistic skills on reporting in global media standards,
  • field exercises, working in teams with the support of experienced mentors, developig cross-border projects.

Examples of topics or areas of interests are:
  • usage of water, issues of irrigation systems and the energy industry
  • climate changes and the Aral sea
  • EBDR projects in the region focused on water usage

Participation is free of charge.

For successful candidates travel, accommodation and other small costs will be covered by the Perspektivy programme, including agreed costs of the research trips.  

Provisional place is Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Provisonal dates:
18-31 March 2019
 - distance (video-conferences and chats) team work on projects topics discussions and planning of research trips together with the Perspektivy mentors and Alumni based in Central Asia.

3-6 April 2019 – workshops on reporting regional issues in global media standards

7 April 2019 – teams meet up and work on projects with the support of the Perspektivy mentors

8-10 April 2019 – dates of the research trips, agreed costs are subject to reimbursement by the Perspektivy programme

10-30 April 2019 – distance phase to produce projects 



Deadline is the 3rd of March 2019. Successful candidates will be informed by e-mail on the 11th of March 2019.

Please click > here < to start online application

Organizers of the programme do not comment on any results of the applications evaluation.

Eligibility criteria:

Middle and early-career journalists and freelancers working in Russia, Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Caucasus, and Central Asia who did not participate in any of the Perspektivy programme activities before.

With 3-17 years of professional experience and who work and produce stories in Russian.  

Perspektivy is a joint initiative by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Fritt Ord Foundation.

Har netthets og polarisering endret nordmenns syn på ytringsfriheten? Hvordan har ytringsrommet for forskere utviklet seg i en tid da kunnskap om felter som klima, kjønn og integrering alltid skaper kontroverser i offentligheten? Er den kunstneriske ytringsfriheten under sterkere press enn tidligere?

Fredag 17. januar 2020 klokken 18.00 møter du de åtte fotografene som fra 2017 til 2019 var med i den fjerde utgaven av Norwegian Journal of Photography (NJP) hos Fritt Ord i Oslo.

I samtale med Susanne Østby Sæther, kurator ved Henie Onstad kunstsenter, og Jonas Ekeberg, påtroppende kunstnerisk leder ved Fotografihuset.

Stiftelsen Fritt Ord deler hvert år ut Fritt Ords Pris til personer eller institusjoner som i særlig grad har vist ytringsmot og arbeidet for å verne om og styrke ytringsfriheten og dens vilkår i Norge, spesielt ved å stimulere den levende debatt.

Fritt Ord mottar gjerne forslag til aktuelle kandidater.