How to Create Cultural Hubs for the Whole City

On Tuesday, 29 May at 16.45 pm, the Fritt Ord Foundation, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Fondazione CRT will host a session on the role of culture hubs such as literature houses and culture centres. What does it take for a building to become one of the most important venues in a city for exchanging opinions?

The Fritt Ord Foundation, which established the House of Literature (Litteraturhuset) in Oslo in 2007; and the Savings Bank Foundation DNB, which opened The Centre (Sentralen) in 2014; will share their insights into how these cultural hubs have become popular, important meeting places for natives and visitors alike in their city.

​The OGR - Officine Grandi Riparazioni - was purchased and redeveloped by Fondazione CRT, transforming the area from a train workshop to a workshop of ideas, creativity and innovation for the city.

The session will explore – through the perspectives of people who work at cultural centres and their users – what it takes to make a cultural centre for a whole city, including what initiatives have been taken to ensure user involvement from the planning stage up to the present.

Andreas Wiese,
Manager of Litteraturhuset – House of Literature
Martin Eia-Revheim, Manager of Sentralen – House for cultural and social innovation in Oslo
Nicola Ricciardi, Artistic Director of Torino OGR
The session will take place at the 29th European Foundation Centre Annual General Assembly and Conference, in Brussels.

The EFC is a membership organization for foundations and other actors in the philanthropic sector. Their aim is to help nurture an environment where philanthropy can flourish as it tackles many of today’s greatest challenges. The 2018 EFC Conference is titled “Culture Matters – Connecting Citizens and Uniting Communitites”, and consists of a series of exhibitions, topical sessions and site visits.

En ny studie har kartlagt norske mediefrilanseres trivsel, forhold til oppdragsgiver samt lønns- og honorarutvikling. Fritt Ord, NJ Frilans, Kritikerlaget og Pressefotografenes Klubb inviterer til lanseringskonferanse onsdag 25. september kl. 08.30-13.00, hos Fritt Ord i Uranienborgveien 2, Oslo.


Integral film og Stiftelsen Fritt Ord inviterer til lansering av dokumentarfilmen “En gave fra Gud” torsdag 26. september kl. 18.00 på Saga Kino i Oslo. Etter filmvisningen blir det spørsmål og svar med Henri Barkey fra USA, som selv er med i filmen, og regissørene Nefise Özkal Lorentzen og Jørgen Lorentzen. Samtalen ledes av Ingerid Salvesen.

Fritt Ord, Oslo Dokumentarkino og Vega Scene inviterer til visning av «XY Chelsea», en dokumentarfilm om Chelsea Manning og den største lekkasjen av hemmelige statsdokumenter noensinne. Etter filmvisningen blir det en samtale med Nancy Hollander, Chelsea Mannings tidligere advokat.

Tid og sted: Onsdag 11. september 2019, kl. 19:00, på Vega Scene